I still remember that day 14 years ago, when a lady with a baby clinging to her tightly and yelling at the top of it’s voice appeared at our main door.  She was literally begging every house to employ her as a maid, as she had no one to look after her and the baby, and she badly needed some steady income, to look after her daughter. It had torn me apart – that scene, and so was the case with everybody at home and around 😦 Ma explained to me how it was difficult to remove our already employed maid too, for no reason at all.  The lady moved from door to door in our apartment complex, asking for work. We got to know that she had left her abusive husband and had walked out on him, with her daughter in tow!

Days passed! Lalitha was now employed in about 3-4 houses in the complex. She also did many other odd jobs like giving a hair massage, applying oil on my neighbour grandma’s limbs everyday and so on. Her daughter, Gulabi was a very bright child and was loved by everybody in the apartment. She played with the kids of our complex and they both spent most of their time with us residents.

Lalitha had only one aim in life – to see her daughter grow into an independent, well-earning and strong woman! She enrolled Gulabi in a good, English-medium school in the neighbourhood, requested a few residents to help her with the homework and even put her in dance classes, because Gulabi loved swaying to music from a very tender age. And we could see Gulabi was really on the way to making her Mom’s dreams come true.  She was such an adorable child, with such regards to her Mom’s emotions and feelings, right from a very young age.  While her Mom used to be giving my Mom an oil massage, Gulabi would sit with us and finish her home work.  I still can’t believe a child at the age of 5-6 can be so understanding!

And today, when Mom called to tell me that Gulabi had scored 85% in her 10th ICSE exams, my heart swelled with pride.  Just thinking about what Lalitha might be feeling, makes me jump with joy 🙂  What more could this courageous woman, who had the guts to leave her abusive husband and refuse to return back to him, when he came to take her back due to societal pressure, want in life?  Her daughter has lived her dream and am sure she will continue to make her Mom proud in years to come too!

We do need more such brave mothers and wonderful daughters, don’t we? And to all such Mothers and Daughters, who have lived life gracefully through all it’s ups and downs, hats off!