We have this ‘Summer internships’ program going on, as part of which college students volunteer regularly, almost every day during their vacations.  During a talk about YFS and volunteering in one particular company, one of the attendees P told me that her sister would love to be a part of it. I mailed her the details and in less than a few hours, her sister J had applied for the same.  We usually have a round of interview, more to understand the student’s areas of interest and their commitment levels, and also for them to understand what we exactly do. Now, J had to miss the interview schedule 2-3 times because of her exams and other things, but I was very sure she was interested, as P kept in touch with me all  along.

After a few days, P called me and told me that J was done with all her exams and we could meet sometime soon, so that she could contribute some good time for the cause. It was then that P told me that J had only partial vision and asked me if we could still have her in the program. I told her that ofcourse we could!  Soon, I met P and J in one of the destitute homes ‘Vatsalya Sindhu’ which was the closest location where J could volunteer to run a summer camp for the students.

I was so impressed by J in that very first meet! Here was a girl, who had had a cornea transplant, reducing her vision to only 25% and her enthusiasm to do her bit so deceived it all! What impressed me more was that neither her facial expressions nor her body language changed one bit when she was explaining as to how she could not see very well, and would need a few magnifying tools to make notes, correct the children’s assignments etc…! She said she would work hard at home on what to teach the children and do her best in helping them learn.  That confidence which shone through, and that twinkle in her eye – no one could miss it! Got to know that she is  well-versed in 2-3 forms of dancing too!

It has been more than 2-3 weeks now and she is going so well! The kids, needless to say love her. She makes learning such a fun activity for them.  Just my dry-eye syndrome gives me such hard times when it gets aggravated!  A strong-willed girl like her can make anything seem sooooo trivial!

And on that note,  the daughter of my Mom’s maid Jayamma, scored 89% in her 10th exams this year. Some school, no tuition, that small shelter and nobody to clear her doubts, she used to come to my Mom and Sis to learn Maths during the weekends.  Though they had shifted sometime back to another distant corner of the city,  Jayamma had come home today to tell Ma and Daddy about the results!  Jayamma was very excited obviously and is on the lookout for a good college for her daughter 🙂 My weekend did start on a lovely note  🙂

We are starting early tomorrow to Gulbarga to attend a friend’s wedding and will be back past midnight or in the early hours of Monday! Please thank excuse me bcoz I will not be able to post tomorrow 🙄 I will be updating about the trip once we are back on Monday 😀  See you all and have a great weekend 🙂 Tata!