… err that I have no idea as to what I wanna post today! The whole day whizzzzzzed past just like that and I did not get a chance to login until about 9 in the night!  Did that give u a fair idea of how busy I am tsk tsk 😉  Ok! For now,  I am gonna do what I do whenever I have nothing to post. Share pics and blabber about them :mrgreen:

So, we visited some eco-friendly bazaar sometime ago and this was what their trash cans looked like! Sack bags – cool no 8)

We had also visited a Goshala [Wikipedia says:protective shelters in India for cows that have been neglected] some more time before 😉  We saw some cuteee cute calves! The icing on the cake was that we got to see a just-born calf taking its first steps right in front of us! I had heard that calves start walking within an hour or two of their birth, but seeing it live was just AMAZING!

I think am done for today!  Oh, let me share one last pic pls!

Loved this door knob in one of the restaurants we visited  😀

And here’s a nice poster I found on one of my office walls! Think I clicked this on my last day @ work 🙂

That’s it for today folks! Hope to come bk with something sensible tomorrow 😉  Good nite! And for others, have a gr8 day ahead 😀