Problem – Today was one of those days where everything manages to go wrong, well almost ❗  The maid is on AWOL for 3 days now! We *were* used to life without a maid, but you know when you have one and she does not turn up, it feels like your life has turned upside down 😉 Su – He has been working non-stop for almost 48 hrs now! Or is it more? Whatever; with just about a 3-hr break in between! Add to this the summer, just not good for me – I hate hate hate them, but for the mangoes and the ice-creams 8) And the icing on this bitter cake – the refrigerator decides to stop working all of a sudden! It suddenly gets powered off and does not turn on at all!

Action – SOS calls are made to the customer care only for people to behave weird – I mean they ask you to press ‘1’ for English, and then when you explain the whole damn thing in the language, asks you in Hindi ‘Problem kya hai madam’  😛 😛  Phew! Then the technician comes, tells you it’s the problem with the 3-pin plug and he will come back tomorrow evening with a new plug! 1 day for a plug? And he tells me it will cost 530 rupees – service charge I believe! WTH! I ask him if they can’t carry spare parts – I mean, any bug and you know what the 3-4 sources can be rt? Is it so difficult to carry the few respective spares? He gives me a stare and walks away saying nothing 👿

Solution – Call Dad!  The plug blah-blah; I can’t wait for a day 😦  The cheese, PICKLES – everything will be gone in no time!  And Captain Cool Dad tells me ‘There is no big deal in it Putta! And goes on to explain how I can get a local electrician to do it or even fix it on my own :)’ Oh well, this might be simple but it’s another thing that Dads think their daughters can do anything under the Sun 🙂

Result – The fridge is up and running in no time! And most importantly, my Amma special Pickles are saved 🙂

Know what? As much as I want to have a daughter because I think there is something really sweet about them,  it’s more because I so want to savour that beautiful bond between her and Su 😉 Ofcourse, I will have those pangs of jealousy, but am sure the former will override them all 😀  Ok ok, no clue whatsoever there, lest you start dissecting it!

Dads are a sure PitStop for all sorts of solutions, aren’t they 🙂

Edited on May 4thAnd in case you have any doubts, NO! Am not doing yet another NaBloPoMo to torture you all 😉 Actually, I am 😛