Sigh! With all that hard work done on posting in time and scheduling posts for those days I would not be around, it was totally unexpected that I would not be able to post the last one on the D-day 🙄  Sigh! Such is life.  After losing that laptop of mine last year, I had not gotten around to buying a new one. The old Compaq which lay on the attic started working all of a sudden and I remained loyal to it, until yesterday, when it finally bade good-bye to this world 😦  And the husband was keying away to glory all day, and me – being a good wife and all that u know 😉 sacrificed my Post No.28 for him 😛

So, we got back from that most awesome trip yesterday – the train was late, but I did not regret it one bit 😉 Got more time to spend with the gang; it has to keep me going till the next trip no.

But, what went bad was my toe!!! After all that roaming around and trekking through the forests, and me being adamant the crepe bandage was not needed at all, the toe was one red swollen tomato at the end of Day1 😦

But but, I would not have missed this trip for anything! The good things being that, I still made through the entire trip, without skipping any part of it :mrgreen: and without letting out one drop of my precious tears, when I almost felt like yelling out of pain 😳 Thank God for that!

And thank God for my friends.  Naveen, Tanvi, Sid – u guys are awesome! They went out much beyond 10 at night in search of  a medical store, in the unknown city of  Aurangabad, to get me crepe bandage and returned successfully.  Thanks to Su and all the others too, who sat with me and kept me sane by cracking the silliest PJs I have ever heard 😛 😛

What more? If  Su wasn’t around, the others even took turns removing my bandage every 4-6 hours, as suggested by the doctor and then doing it again! And they did it voluntarily and were competing with each other to do the job 😛 Sigh! Am blessed and I hope I do remember this at all times.

And after 4 long years, we had food ready for us when we returned from our vacation. Thank u so much my darling Sis for being so understanding 😀

About the trip, all I can say is that it just reaffirmed my faith in mankind and that our roots are still stronger and India has no cause for concern! All we need to to is get back to our roots, sooner the better :mrgreen:

The 3 model villages we visited are cent percent literate, there’s nothing called gender inequality, caste system is something alien to them, there is no migration to cities  and every single villager leads a comfortable life! What more do we need?

And like I said on FB, “Every house has the nameplate of the lady of the house. But obvious they say – she is the one who is the ‘homemaker’! “

That’s it for now guys. Leaving you with a few pics – trailer for the upcoming posts 😀

Shot of a photograph in the museum in Ralegaon Siddhi. Loved it 🙂

Loved this quote by Anna Hazare too 🙂

Hope all of you had a great weekend and thanks for all that luv showered on me and my posts during the month 🙂 U guys rock!