Theme for this week:

MOVEMENT (Shaking, Falling, Bouncing, Jumping, Curling, Sagging,…)

We had a monsoon wedding. It was in August and we knew we were testing our luck when we planned a trip to Gangtok and were eagerly waiting to catch a glimpse of K2.  Even the locals told us that it would probably remain a dream, and true to our expectations, the clouds played hide-n-seek all the time. When we reached the view point on our first morning in Gangtok, the person who had accompanied us,  pointed through those dense bundles of cotton and told us that was where K2 stood in all it’s glory!

This is what we saw 🙂

Lucky we were, because the clouds started moving …..

Bitttttttt by bitttttttt 😀

And then they moved some more….

And more 🙂

Till we got to see, what we had so wished for 😀

The crown of the Karakoram Range, K2 ❗

Err, hope u did see/feel some movement there 😛  HappY ThursdaY 😀

More pics from Gangtok trip here 🙂