VanaYatra is actually a trip during which we visit tribals in various areas, study their problems and try to find and provide long-lasting solutions for the same.

Like we have now adopted a village called Buruguputtu [There is no transportation for this village  4 kms walk to the nearest bus-stop] in Araku valley after our last VanaYatra. The adoption includes facilities like a Bhajan Kendra + Sports Center [children here have great bow-n-arrow skills] + Single Teacher School + Adult Night School.

These are trips in which we get to see a different world, venturing deep into the interior parts of the country and meeting dedicated volunteers working in extreme conditions. A great chance to experience India like never before!

And come this Thursday, we are leaving on yet another VanaYatra. Though this time, it is to two model villages in Ahmednagar district of Maharastra.

One such village is Ralegaan Siddhi, which was developed by one of India’s well acclaimed social activists – Anna Hazare.

The other one is Hiware BazaarI had blogged about this village before, when we happened to see a documentary about it on NGC and had dreamt of visiting the place sometime in my life. Never knew my dream would come true so soon though 🙂  Co-incidentally, that was during my last NaBloPoMo 😛

And what’s so special about these villages – they are the epitomes of self-reliance and self-sufficiency!  These are villages which have gone from being pathetic and completely barren to being the ideal ones people now look up to!

Here is an article on India Today about Popatrao Pawar, the Sarpanch of Hiware Bazaar and the man who made the distant dream possible!

Another article about the village on National Geographic!

Also, don’t miss this video showcasing the activities of this village 🙂

Just the thought of being able to meet these inspiring personalities is giving me such a thrill, that I am conveniently forgetting the ‘toe-permitting’ factor 😉  I hope and pray it will be fit and fine by the day after 😛  We look forward to bringing back enough inspiration and ideas to implement their wonderful projects in other places too 🙂

And to add to that, there are the train journeys, the late night Antakshari, Dumb-charades and just plain gupshup sessions! Oh, and a visit to Ajanta Caves is in the offing too 🙂

Writing this today because tomorrow will be Wordless Wednesday, followed by Thursday Challenge, after which you will be seeing scheduled posts 😀 Please do not desert my blog then 😉 It needs all of you, esp. at a time when am deserting it too  😆

Have a nice day folks 🙂