…… which bring a big smile on your face 🙂

  • Amma calls  you 4 times in the day, only to hear the same answer every single time –  busy at work .  She calls you again,  much past her bedtime – just to ask you if you have reached home, had dinner etc..and tells you to take enough rest. And then, when you ask her about all those calls, she tells you she had been calling you to share a new recipe that she had tried and just could not wait to do so.  You are tired enough to go rush to the bed immediately, but this makes you rush to get your book and note down the recipe instead.
  • A hectic day it has been and you are off to sleep with that book in hand. Husband comes to the room, gently picks the book and puts it back in it’s place, switches off the light, pulls the quilt over you, tucks you in neatly and plants a much-wanted kiss on your forehead. You are awake enough to realize what has been happening and for that smile to appear on your lips, even when the eyes are too tired to remain open.
  • Sister works in a weird shift from 12 noon – 11 in the night and returns home just before the clock rolls over to the next day.  But, having seen you being exhausted with ‘n’ things, takes over the kitchen and asks you to sleep for some more time in the morning.  Ofcourse, you are over all that sleep now, wondering when this girl who would call out to your Dad every morning to make coffee for her, grew up so much!
  • You are in a hurry to attend some program and your friend’s parents are accompanying you too. You have just a few min left to leave, when Uncle comes and hands over two nicely wrapped pieces in your hands.  You open them excitedly to find two pretty diaries, when he adds: ‘Nothing great inside beta. You do so many things and have so many responsibilities . Just use these to note them down’  The thought behind the action makes your day.

When we look back and reflect upon the day gone by, such small [or so they seem] things are what make life worth living 🙂 Things which make you feel and believe that love is all around and can be celebrated every day, every moment 🙂  Hold onto those moments of love, realize them before they get lost in no time and live happily 🙂 Have a nice day people 🙂