During the training session we had yesterday and today, I learnt something very new and interesting. This is to do with Multiple Intelligences.  The trainer was telling us that the first intelligence that gets triggered in humans is the Musical Intelligence, when the child is about 3 months old.  And that is the reason the child responds to lullabies or the tap-tap-tap pat-on-the-back routine to put him/her to sleep etc.. What really touched me was when we were told that this is what gets the child to recognize it’s mother too!  If a child is crying and the Mother picks it up and puts over her shoulders, the child is soothed immediately because it recognizes the Mother’s heart-beat and that makes it feel secure and comfortable.  Just that feeling makes me feel sooooo loved even now 🙂  What a special bond this one! God bless all Mothers 🙂

Well, that’s it for today 😉  Have a nice time 🙂