A good  friend shared with me these  pics from his Kodai trip and they are just toooo beautiful to not be shared here 🙂  I was actually all set to schedule this for tomorrow, but my fingers were itching to post them like N.O.Wwww! I just lovvvved them and browsed through his album more than a dozen times probably!  Told him I will be sharing them on the blog and he was more than glad about it! Thank God for such friends 🙂

If you actually noticed, I started the NaBloPoMo on 2nd and so am still short of one post 😉 So what better than posting this today so that I can also leave behind the burden of that one extra post hanging on my shoulders and carry on the  NaBloPoMo with one post a day 😉

Click on the pics to enlarge.

Have a nice time ppl 🙂