A letter from a student – Post4

We got to know something about an adorable little girl in our school today and in turn, got to meet one great woman – the epitome of strength! Little did we know today that this always-smiling girl Pravalika had lost her Mother when she was born as her 4th girl child and her Dad left them all on the streets. Her paternal grandmother took it upon herself to not only care for all of them, but also educate them too! All four of them go to school and it’s their dream and their grandma’s to see that they study well and move ahead in life.  What a strong woman in will and body she is to single-handedly manage all of them and understand so well the need of education in their lives!

I had plans of posting something else today, but I was so happy to meet one such woman that I had to share this with all of you.  How I wish everyone, atleast her own son, was like her!

Was also sorting our a few feedback forms from students when I found this letter written by a student of one of the Government schools that we have adopted. This one never fails to touch anybody who reads it! What clarity of thought at such a tender age [She is in 9th] and her urge to study despite all odds is an inspiration to everyone!  Infact, we had even seen her take the role of a teacher since her school only has 2 regular appointed teachers.  She used to study at home and teach the other students at school.

Just wanted to share her letter with all of you – the original in Telugu and a close translation in English below. People who can read Telugu please tell me if we have missed anything 🙂

The English translation of the same:

Greetings to everyone. We feel lucky as you have selected our school to do your service. We do not have a MATHS teacher, hence we face so many problems. There is no teacher for PHYSICAL SCIENCES, but our Biology sciences teachers are preparing us for Physical sciences with all their efforts. You need not solve all our problems, but, I will be deeply indebted to you, if you can provide us a MATHS teacher, because, I like Maths very much. Please do not think I am expecting too much, because, eventhough you send a Maths teacher, he should teach us under the concrete slab with no walls and Black board. You might not be able to fill all our shortcomings, because our problems are very big in number. I like to see all the experiments in physical sciences practically, but we do not have a lab. We girls feel intimidated to go out. In one sentence, our school lacks the basic amenities.

We dont even have a globe. We might not be able to see the entire world, but we are not able see it even on a colorful map. You can see students in the office room, in the open area and all around the area.Your program is very good. First you need to give us COURAGE, beacause, everywhere outside I go, I get only one word, your school is not a school, the education that you are getting in your school is not an education. We are finding it difficult to focus on studies in betweeen these comments!! We would like you to take up more activities of this kind. Please forgive me for any mistakes.

Yours faithfully.


I had a totally different post in mind today! But these two things touched me enough [or even more] to share them here. I think there’s too much negativity being spread around. Such inspiring lives should be shared with people.  That such wonderful people belong to India too is conveniently forgotten 😦 Unfortunate it is that most people crib about the system and forget to acknowledge the good things – yes! I hate it when people complain! Because, an hour a week can do miracles to that one school nearby. If not anything, it gives these children the confidence that they are an integral and much desired part of the society .  Just a visit makes them feel elated as though they are being given something priceless. One day we don’t turn up at school and they question us with authority as to what was more important for us! REALLY! Ha ha, they are right actually 🙂  Like Venkatesh Murthy, who started YFS in India [Bengaluru] said, God may not question us if we do not visit the temple, but these kids do.  I think Swami Vivekananda rightly said that the best way to serve/pray God is to serve him in your fellow men.

Uff! Sounds like am giving some lecture no 😛  Hhhhhhonestly, I get into a state of confusion whenever I post something like this. I wonder how to reply to comments which say we are doing a gr8 job or so 😛  Err I hope u people understand what I am trying to say 🙄

But then, like a well-wisher told me, it’s so important for people to know the positive things happening in India, which does not make it to even the remotest corner of the media – such a grandmom would have been worshipped otherwise!

Okie .. I think I am done for today. Else, I won’t even be posting this before the clock strikes 12!

Hope you all had a great Saturday and wish u all have a Super-sweet Sunday too 🙂  [Please to alter this wish according to your time zones ;)]

Hugs people 😀


    1. You rightly said swar this little girl sure has great clarity of thought 😛
      Thank you for sharing about the brave woman who has taken up the task of educating all four of her grand-kids 😛
      You are our angel Swar….have a wonderful weekend!!


  1. your postings are so inspirational …. please keep writing more. And you and your colleagues in these projects are actually role models for young folks , who must learn, that the best celebration of something you have received is when you can give back some of it to those who have so little. My very best wishes to you in this wonderful work….


    1. You always manage to make me go Awww….

      hats off to the paternal grand mother..you know re-read whether you had written paternal or maternal ! Good god….such people do exist !!

      How sweet of the boy to ask for a teacher and a globe as well ? Such little things in life are required and we strive for fat pay cheques and long holidays across oceans !


    1. wow! Thank you again for sharing such awesome stories Swaru! 🙂
      This girl is an inspiration to all of us… this project what you are doing is truly inspirational 🙂


  2. The grand mom you have mentioned needs more internet coverage! Thanks for the sneak-peek through your posts- these people get noticed. Wonderful work… hugs..


  3. hi, u r doing a very noble deed. do you guys accept donations, i want to contribute something. its not a lot but a begining….wish i could be there personally and help these kids, but i cannot be there. you have my email id in the comment, please send me an email.




  4. Very nice post Swaram. The girl’s letter has so much clarity and I really applaud the grandmother for taking the responsibility of those girls. We only hear about people who have abandoned girls but rarely about such people.


  5. The letter from the girl was fabulous! What a focus and maturity that girl had shown in writing! People like her definitely need a lot of encouragement!
    Wow is the only word I can say for the work you are doing Swaram!! And how to forget that grandmother who has taken such a huge responsibility! Kudos to her!
    I’m glad I visited your blog 🙂


  6. I wont say great job done or great post.. I can just say swaram *hugs*! I hope and wish that you keep getting this time to visit, contribute and to write and inspire people with your post! Good luck!


  7. Such a sweet and clear letter, at such a tender age. Touched me thoroughly. It is such students who really deserve to be educated. Feeling sad that she has to go through so much at such a young age!

    I believe I have said this before – I would LOVE to do something of the sort you are doing, but I really don’t know how to go about it. Really. I don’t know how I can help such kids – me being very the shy type and all – apart from monetarily. Any ideas? I don’t have anyone who can join me in the task except for the better half, and I don’t know whether I can work in Bangalore too.. Any suggestions?


    1. I know Priya. And if we can give an hr a week, it does so much to their confidence and moreover, gives us a lot more satisfaction 😐

      Sure. YFS is there in Blr too. Let me ask someone to contact u 🙂 Hugs!


  8. Swaram what I liked was the way the little one has written the letter.. and then as you mentioned the wrods saying

    GOD can forgive us for not visiting the temple (WELL no where in ANY books is it written that we have to visit temples, Temples are MAN MADE..) .. BUt yes GOD will never forgive us for not thinking or doing something for the kids .. IT IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY …


  9. Such inspiring thoughts and deeds.
    Thanks for sharing Swar. I think these little stories matter a lot topeople who care even a bit. It shows that all hope is not lost yet! 🙂


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