Even if  I say so myself 😛 😛

I was am not well for quite sometime.  I say it is the weather – achooooooooooooo!

Su says I exert myself way too much!   He loves telling people how his wife can manage anything and many things under the sun 😉

Cooking is not his forte, cleaning is! But he is doing both for me, learning new recipes time and again!

And on one of such days, when I realize the sun is up above the horizon and crawl out of the bed, I see the laptop on the dining table – lotz of onions, the chopping board and the knife next to it – the pressure cooker screaming in the kitchen – Su reading up a recipe from one of  my numerous books!

Anddd what is playing on the laptop – Youtube video – ‘How do you chop onions without having to cry?’  He could have chosen any of the 100 veggies lying in the refrigerator;  but resorted to one of my fav dishes involving that whole lot of onions!

U make me cry,laugh,fight, shout and also make me fall in love with you all over again 🙂 God bless u sweetheart!

Inspired by Abha’s post!