Looks like I was basking in that ‘Silver Jubilee’ glory for quite some time 😛  Well, I was tied up with work – I feel bad saying this because I never wanted to neglect this space of mine for the want of time, because it’s so so close to my heart 🙄  And this period of no-posting led to a block. I was only able to update the other pages , but never this one.used to write posts in my mind, but could not translate them onto this page! Well, whatever that was!   Thank u so much for all those mails and messages and comments. Am so sorry for having gone away like that, unannounced 😐

Well, I am going to try and keep up with updating this page regularly *anti-jinx* .  So, what made me break that block today? While I was talking to Smithu sometime back, she told me that I must share experiences we have while doing field work through Youth For Seva.  I eat her head every time she calls me for atleast about an hour and we share a lot of  experiences about good things happening in the society.  Her Dad volunteers with some nice project in Wayanad and so we keep sharing tit-bits about the same.

Am not sure if we are doing any great work, and like some nice personality once said ‘This is not charity, it’s our responsibility’. But, what I have gained through this platform  is that I have got to meet such inspirational personalities who have given their all to the society. They work full time on making amendments without cribbing about the system or about what someone else is doing. And none of them are waiting to make it to the media or be known by the public.  So, naturally, these are things which do not come to light at all. And so I thought, I would share such stories here in this space. I have heard from authentic sources, read on their internal journals and sometimes met these people directly and so I vouch for their being real!

So, this is about one such story from Gaya district in Bihar.

While daughters are still regarded as a burden in some families and the birth of a girl child his taken as a curse, Prof. Ramkrishna Yadav from Vidhi village in Gaya District thinks otherwise.

Majority of the people feel girls cannot perform any ritual. In such an atmosphere,performing the rites of their grandmother by her two much-loved grand-daughters is of course an admirable step!

When Sugia Devi [86] died, Prof. Yadav encouraged his two daughters Neelam and Swikriti to perform the last rites. They not only carried the dead body on their shoulders but also performed all the rites involved, till the end. And this, in the presence of a huge family gathering.  Prof. Yadav said that  he wanted to start any such campaign from his own house before inspiring others to do the same.  How we wish more people follow his footsteps isn’t it? I don’t say rights have to be taken away from men! But equal rights would do good to everyone.

Another story I got to hear about is of  a 15-yr old girl called Sushita and her elder sisters Sulabh and Sulona in Madhubani, Bihar.  When she lost her Father 8 yrs back, her elder sisters  took up the responsibility and started a dairy.  After they got married and left the village, it was all left to young Sushita. She  continues to collect about 29 litres of milk everyday and supplies it to a small town about 20km away from her village Soili Pal. Her Mother and grandmother are very proud of the 3 sisters.  Sushita now looks after her grandparents, Mother and 4 younger brothers and sisters!  I don’t even want to remember what I was doing when I was 15!  Probably, just lending Amma a helping hand in the kitchen used to make me feel great!

Sigh! A very long post again. Do let me know if you guys want to hear some such stories time and again. I do have a huge list now 😛 😛  How I wish this side of India was shown to more people, instead of only the dark side 🙂

Also, I just want to share that we have now started a new project in Youth For Seva called Vidya Daan. We have personally collected profiles of about 152 students belonging to rural India and 88 students from the urban slums from primitive tribes and very low income groups.  You can sponsor their education for as less as Rs.300/- a month. Please do refer the link for more details.  You can even choose the child you want to sponsor from the profiles shared.
We will have a mentor per child and also send you progress reports of the sponsored child.  Just sharing it here 🙂