Theme for this week:

“CONSTRUCTION” (Houses, Streets, Commercial, Equipment, Vehicles,…)

I think Shimla is one of the most beautiful and cleanest towns in India and what makes it more so are the enormous, absolutely breath-taking constructions which adorn the length and breadth of the place.   It did transport us to those fairy tales set in the European country side when we had been there. Su went gaga clicking every  piece of wall and concrete he found there 😉  From then on, buildings and constructions always take me back to those 4 days in Dec ’07 that we spent in Shimla 🙂

A church at the Ridge, Shimla – one of the main lanes through the town. We spent most of our time in this city like locals roaming around the lanes and streets and this was one of our favourite haunts 😉  U really don’t need any sight-seeing here 🙂

One of the buildings. This was Su’s favorite. We used to stand hand in hand and gaze at this for hours 🙂  We so wanted to stay here like  forever 🙂

And this one – the Town Hall. We spent most evenings here!  There was a stone bench rt in front of this one and we used to just sit close – the weather, the lighting, the warmth of a loved one close to you!  So romantic isn’t it 😛

And this one, a school in Shimla 🙂 We do have better pics and full view of the same. But this one is of the view from our room and we just love it.

Tell me! Dint these transport u into another world altogether 😀

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