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The next morning saw us walk into the mist to a waterfall nearby for taking a bath!

Walk through the fields

Who would mind all that walk however early in the morning it is,  if it is about paths like these!!!!!

The river!  The water was so so clean!

On the way back

Vanavasis performing Tulasi Puja

Shy-boy poses well 😉

So does his mom 🙂

And his grandmom 😀

Like a long lost friend, the lady on the right asked me why I was roaming all around the village but had not visited her house 😛  I went with her at the last minute and she was so happy to show me around 🙂

Posing with her sister 🙂

And this one! I told her the radish were so fresh that I felt like cooking and eating them then and there and when our vehicle is almost leaving, she sends me a fresh bunch of radish 🙂

All set for the farewell party!

All villagers get together to cook for us at the entrance of the village

Hot and steaming and yummy black tea 😉

Moong and Rajma - Grown here in plenty

Farewell! It’s been just about 8-10 hours since we met them for the first time and every single person comes to see us off!

Decorating our vehicle

Amidst lotz of garlanding, placing akshata [rice mixed with turmeric and considered sacred], shaking hands and getting promises from people that they will visit again. There was band-bhaja too 😛 Can you see the man with the band at the far end?

We took turns to try our hands at them too 😉

Next destination: Chaaparai Waterfalls.  What makes this special is the stream of water covered by  lush green on all sides.

U get lot of timepass things to eat at one place  here – Groundnuts, corn, sugarcane and that’s exactly what we did 😛 Ate to our heart’s content 😉

Our next stop was at Matsyagundam

I loved loved loved this place. The river flowing behind the temple and the forests around – perfectly scenic!

Matsyagundam temple

The Sivalinga behind the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. Common belief is that if you wish for something and are able to lift this linga 3 times, your wish comes true 🙂

Good-bye Matsyagundam! Next, we visited a residential home for the Vanavasi kids.  The kids sang, layed instruments and talked about themselves and we had lotz of fun. We distributed school kits and like every other time, a small thing for us but the joy on their faces and how they are eager to see the contents immediately – Priceless 🙂

We were having fun with the kids when people  from the village we were supposed to spend the night in arrived and started questioning us why we had still not started for their village! They were worried we will be spending less time with them 🙂

So, we left and reached Guchhari – our abode for the night!

On the way and in Guchhari, the myriad shades in the sky danced gleefully like never before [probably !?!]

We first visited an Ekal Vidyalaya [single teacher school], where kids drop in after their school to play, eat, read and clear their doubts and generally hang around till their parents come home from their daily-wage jobs [generally]

Again, a grand welcome

The kids 🙂

In this village, like I said before, every family hosted 2 of us.

Su's family

And mine. The two were sisters 🙂

Connecting with the world

CFLs have reached here 🙂

The day begins!

For me, it begins with a cup of garma garam chai 😀

And me 😐

Just loved these 🙂

Nice window eh 8)

Aunty made  yummy ragi dosas for us for breakfast 🙂

These girls had tears in their eyes when we left.  Oh btw, that’s Monika in the middle – the one who gave me lotz of gyaan 😉

Another day, another grand farewell! This time, the last one of the yatra 🙂

We ended our trip with a visit to R.K Beach in Vizag where we had loadsss of fun dashing against the waves 😛 😛 We sang, we danced, we fell down, we awwwed, shrieked and gorged on a number of delicacies by the shore.

It was Karthik Poornima day too and is said that a Sagar-Snana [bath in the sea-water] that day is auspicious.  The  perfect ending note that was to the already perfect Yatra we had been part of  for the last 3 days 🙂