Promises of posting them Pictures from the VanaYatraPlaces we visited and People we connected with 🙂 – Phew!

The journey begins!

So gaya ye jahan!

View of R.K Beach, Vizag from our first stop [just to freshen up and re-fuel ourselves]

Journey continues –  Borra Caves being the next  destination!

Bus breaks down on the way and we get a break!

We go hiking!

Click some flowers

Find a stream for some nice feet-therapy 😉 Free freee freeeeee!

Some more spiders 😛

And some scenic stuff 🙂

Some nice people too! Look at the little one smiling from behind 🙂

We stop at Bagamaravalasa for lunch

The family that hosted us

Don’t take my pic! I don’t have any sindoor on, she says!

And then she comes well-dressed 🙂

Look before u leap 😉

Sweet Pumpkins everywhere! We were served sweet pumpkin on all 3 days in all the places that we visited and they were convincing us to carry a few back home too!


Grand farewell! Little did we know that this was just the beginning!

Enter Borra Caves

And then we walk down some a lot more

Stalactites and Stalagmites

Borra caves are supposed to be 150 million years old !!!!!!!!!!!

A Sivalinga formed inside the cave

We bid good-bye to Borra!  Proceed to Arama for our night stay!

A grandddddddd welcome [Din’t I tell u that farewell after lunch was just the beginning?]

They wash ur feet and don’t buy any of your bahanas!

The welcoming rangolis!

The Pooja arrangements

Bhajans programme into the thick of the night!

Followed by their traditional dance Dhimsaa 🙂 The one with the towel leads the group and whoever takes that position has to dance with one such towel in their hands.

And we join in!

So do the guys!

Time for PetPooja, what with all that we burnt down dancing 😉

The village serving us as food as one unit. Amazing to see how close-knit they all are 🙂

Five-star treatment! Hot water to wash our hands 😯

It was well past 12 when we finished dinner and these people were so excited that they treated us to another round of nice music following which, most people retired for the day and a few of us stayed put all night by a camp-fire 🙂

Oh and a few ladies styled my hair too 😉 Hv a look 😛

One day and so many pics uff!  Will post the remaining pics in the next post 🙂

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