We had  Children’s Day Celebrations at work yesterday and it was a huge hit – but obvious no 😉 The kids were dressed in their most colourful stock, the elders were more than enthusiastic to revive the kid in them –  3+ hours of  fun and merriment!

Here are some pics from the event. Hope these make u smile and the smile  stays with u all week long 🙂

Kishan Kanhaiya 🙂
Sibling act!
Who’s bigger – Me, the balloons or my handbag 😉

There was a painting competition for the kids.  Here are the artists at work.

And some older kids too 😉

Sunny is very happy that he is done with his modern art  – read scribble with all available colours 😉

And Anju  poses with hers [So what if its held upside down ;)]

And our paintings are ready 😀

Time for some ramp walk  8)

There was a healthy baby competition and these three got busy talking in the middle of it all!

And as soon as people started clapping for them, this li’l fella joined the crowd and started applauding himself  😉

Awww! Aren’t kids like the best creations in the world 🙂 🙂