Okie. Am late. This happened a good 18 days back on the 26th of  Octoberand the baby’s Momma did tell me about it immediately 😉  I drank in the happy news and was  filled with ecstasy with the arrival of the baby we were so waiting for, but did not announce it here at all  😛

With one stubborn whack over the phone today and in fear of getting really whacked tomorrow when we meet Prince Junior for the first time ,  here I am announcing the arrival of  Arjun – the sweet little brother of our adorable elder brother Aryan 🙂

Please send across your best wishes and prayers to Momma S, Dad  V, Aryan and Arjun. I love their names! Don’t u 😉

And for all those who are used to the cute antics of our Aryan, here’s one  from the day his brother made his appearance. He asked his Mamma to either put back the baby in her tummy or leave him in the hospital and come home, lest he has to share his dearest Mamma with someone 😉   And needless to say, he just can’t stay without his brother now 😀 May their bond stay so for all those years to come *touchwood*

Btw, if u do not know yet, I said raining bcoz Abha, M and Cubby have welcomed their and of-course our little angel too 😀 Thanks Monu for the sweet news we were all waiting for 😀

Loads of  luv to the two new entries in the blog-world and cheers to many more  :mrgreen: