Thursday Challenge – 6

Theme for this week: AUTUMN (Colored Leaves, Harvest, Farmers Markets, Raking Leaves, Piles of Leaves, Warm Clothes,…)

One of my favourite fall-time projects had always been collecting those fallen leaves – a way of preserving the beautiful fall season with us for a long time to come.  Not that I get to see much colours here like in other parts of the country/world, but still 🙂  Wonder when I lost that habit though – may be when I got out of school !?!

Recently, I got to know that my FIL is still doing that!  My in-laws have a bigggg garden back home in Bengaluru! U name it and they grow it – passion fruit, chikkoo, brinjals, pumpkin – they have it all!  And he picks up fallen leaves from the garden and in they go between the pages of the books he reads.  After about 2-3 weeks, out come these nice pressed leaves with all the fine details offering a visual treat.  When I got back one of my books from Bengaluru,  I also got for free a few of his priced possessions.  Thanks to him, I am back to treading my path carefully and collecting the fallen leaves too 😀  And then, I used a few of them to make some bookmarks re-using decors from marriage invites etc.. 🙂

Pretty, isn’ it 😉

Well, nowhere pretty compared to the gorgeous pics of the fall season most of u have put up, but just that I did nt want to miss the challenge – what with Wednesdays and Thursdays being the only days on which I post now 😛 😛

So, this one is just for the challenge and the sweet memories and the sweet little joys 🙂


  1. *Dhinkichiki Dhinkichiki* I have never ever been first here Swaram, I want Badge!
    Lovely bookmark that is! 🙂 I love Peepal leaves, we have this huge tree in front of our childhood home, and we used to collect and press a lot of these leaves! 😀


  2. Wow! That is so gorgeous, Swaram! We pick up leaves too- but do nothing half as creative, I have to say 😦 This is just gorgeous!

    I was wondering why you did not post today. I called you today, but you did not pick it up.


    1. So so sorry Smithu. Put up the phone for charging and cud nt hear the ring. Calling u rt away 🙂

      Thank u so much. U r just too sweet to say that 😉


  3. lovely.. I had a leaf collection book during my school days n was collecting all kinda leaves from where ever I go… remember pressing them in between the Hindu newspaper stack for days to make it dry before pasting it in my collection book… it is at my mom’s place now 🙂


  4. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee self made bookmarks and this is one of the cutest I have seen 🙂 I am always in awe of people who is blessed with the Crafty genes 😥 Why don’t you make these and sell it to us bloggers? You can donatey the money to those causes you believe in and work so hard for.

    really its very very pretty!


  5. Lovely picture. But you seem to be doing only WW and TC’s these days??? Please bring up all the stories you used to………


  6. it’s awesome !!

    Invitation cards specially wedding ones are so pretty….you can reuse them as the way you’ve done or by taking out some stripes and adding it decorate your scrap book et al… I do that all the time 🙂


  7. I used to collect peepal leaves too, and they’d find a place in my recipe books. Just remembered a strange fable concerning peepal leaves.. heard somewhere that we are not supposed to touch them, coz the peepal signifies ‘shani’ or something.. true or false, i dont know.. i have kind of grown out of all these superstitious omen things in the recent days.


  8. Wow! This is beautiful! Simply gorgeous. You are SO talented. 🙂
    It really is a nice idea to use flowers and leaves as bookmarks. Never thought of that. 😦 Will try it out soon.


  9. Beautiful,very creative.

    During my school days i used to get banyan tree leaf,soak that in the water for 2-3 hours and used to colour it and used to stick that on the birthday cards.


  10. Artistic hands (and outlook), you have!!! Kudos.

    I’ll look at it more like a botanist, only archive the leaves. 🙂 The peepal (or banyan) leaves seem to have a very nice character to it, and sturdy as well.


    1. Thank u 🙂
      Ya, I saw it from the botany point of view @ first too 😉 Adikke nice detailing antha helidu 🙂 The veins etc.. were so predominantly sweet 🙂


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