My Mausi [Mom’s sister] and three of my cousins were here for 4 days including the last weekend. It’s surprising how life takes twists and turns. People whom I used to meet almost every other week, I was meeting them after 3 longgg years!!!!!!!!!!!  Cousins for me, are like my own siblings. So, it was not that we are actually people who meet once in a while and yap away to glory. Needless to say, tThis trip brought in a lot of  moments with it. Ofcourse, there was the usual roaming around Hyderabad, shopping till the account purse became empty and so on 😉  But what was mossst entertaining was the late night playing and yapping sessions that we had.

The little ones have changed soooooo much.  My brother Sanju has grown really tall and was busy all the time comparing his height with Su and telling him he will definitely  overtake him. The 2 girls come and offer help in the kitchen every single time I head there. Where have my chotu cousins gone 😦 😦  And the love they share with Su *touchwood*  What would anybody want more than this – 2 families which were strangers till two people met and married, get along well?

  • The talking sessions revolved around topics ranging from ants to Airplanes.  The sisters Adi and San used to quarrel over silly things and then bond like they were stuck together with QuickFix against everybody else.   We were having ice-cream @ Chowmohalla Palace. Adi asked me why I had chosen Pista. I told her I remembered grandma on seeing Pista ice-cream which was her favourite and so felt like having one. She added Pista was her fav too 😉 San immediately retorted saying it was a lie and that she loved Vanilla and Mango too. Adi said there was difference between liking something and eating it.  San adds that ice-cream is not food and it is ofcourse eaten for the love of ice-creams. Why would somebody want to just eat it then 😉 They came to me for the verdict and I have promptly postponed it for the next time we meet!!!!
  • Sanju was eating his Mom’s head throughout the entire trip saying she should address his Dad as ‘AN’ the way I say ‘Su’ as it sounds ‘fashionable’ 😯
  • We had my aunt’s neighbours in Mysore who have moved to Hyderabad sometime back visiting us.  Their 3-yr old son Pari was another entertainment package.  As soon as he got in, he ran to my cousin, hugged him and planted kisses on his cheeks. My aunt asked him why he was not giving her any!  The boy says ‘Sanju is my friend. My Daddy is ur friend no, take them from him’ 😛 😛 😛  God! Priceless look on my aunt’s face 😉 😉 😉
  • This reminds me of another incident Adi and San told me abt. Their Mom works as a teacher in Blr. She was taking lessons in Plural forms – how to replace ‘fe’ with ‘ves’; knife becomes knives and wife becomes wives. She asked the students to form sentences using the same.  One boy wrote ‘Daddy has 2 wives – Mummy and K miss’ [K miss  is my aunt]. When she asked him about it, he said ‘Miss, Mummy is my mummy @ home and you are my mummy @ school no, that’s why ‘ Aww, isn’t that so touching?
  • Aunty was telling us about another incident which really brought goose-bumps. Her helper’s Mom used to have food every day only after offering a banana to one monkey which visited them daily.  Recently, she had been admitted to the hospital due to some complications. People were surprised on seeing a monkey entering the hospital and scanning all rooms! Can u believe this monkey came to her room, sat beside her for full 10 mins, with its hands on her head and then silently walked away?
  • If there’s something called a Guest Shower, that is what we had last week. Surprisingly, Su’s BIL paid a visit to Hyderabad too on some official worked and joined the fun. The niece is ofcourse the apple of everyone’s eye @ home, esp. bcoz she is the only grandchild as of now.  All talk revolves around her and the proud Dad ofcourse had a lot of things to tell us about her.  They recently bought a WagonR. Su was asking him why they had decided on a car which was not even a part of their short-listed ones.  It seems it was because the niece told them that she wanted only a maroon WagonR bcoz that is the only car which goes fast 😛 😛 😛

Sigh! All in all, we had a wonderful time and the house feels so empty today with all of them having gone their way.

For all those who asked me why there were only wordless posts here, I think u wud now be thanking ur stars it was so and praying that I go wordless again isn’ it 😉

Have a nice day and a great week ahead all of u 😀 😀

P.S: Do u think its too late to post the pics of Ganesh Nimajjan? I had problems with my laptop @ home which now seems to be rectified.