• Long time since I did a blah-blah or a bullet post 😛 So, making up for all of it here 😉

Office is keeping me busy right now err with work and with all the fun that is 😉  Last Monday, we had a ‘Back to School’ Day @ work. All Most Few of us came dressed in school uniforms and it was so much fun.

We had a time-table too, according to which we had question papers coming in every hour and there were prizes :mrgreen:

I won 4 prizes too woohoo – one was for the best dressed, essay-writing, holding the brick and a QuickFire quiz about ads and their punch-lines.

We also had a ‘BoxerBoss’ contest on Thursday where the bosses [aka managers] fought it for the ‘Boxer Boss’ crown.

Today, we have Sandwiches-making competition, Musical Tambola and live Jalebi counters 😉 😉

Oh, I am a part of two group dances for the final event too – Zoobi Zoobi and another traditional Medley 8)

  • On the home front, 2010 has been a blessing in terms of guests 😛 My aunt and 3 cousins are coming over for 4 days on 9th and we are so looking forward to it. It’s funny how life takes a completely different course.  I have not met these people, who are as much an integral part of my family as my parents and sisters are for over 3 yrs now ❗  Every time we go home to Blr, we are so busy juggling between meeting relatives/ friends in the few days that we are there that we were just not able to make it to Mysore [which is just about 3 hrs from Blr though] to meet them.  So looking forward to spending a lot of time with them 🙂
  • 2010 has been such a mixed year for us. With all the good things that happened, for which I am definitely thankful, I seem to be on a losing spree. If that big theft was not enough, I don’t even have a count of the number of small things that I have lost!  Starting from losing my wallet just 3 days after that theft to losing another one in the crowded market from a neatly closed bag on the eve of Ganesh Chaturti, this is one thing which is really haunting me 😐 If that was not enough, even the Toranum [a decorative hanging at the entrance of most homes signifying a warm welcome] has been stolen and the keys to my desk @ office have been misplaced too 😦  This is more stuff that all that I have lost in my entire lifetime before 2010 put together. So much so that  I even dreamt I lost my Scooty today morning 😛 Another thing that I don’t have one 😉 I want to see ‘THE END’ for this one please 😈  Well, I read somewhere that when there is something big in store for u, the Lord gets rid of that by giving you a small thorn prick.  Hope so, hope so 🙂
  • My Dad’s Chacha [father’s brother] passed away recently and it’s such a void feeling. He was 94 alrite, but he was the last one in that gen in the family. Infact, he was the only grandpa I have seen on my Dad’s side. My Dad himself lost his father at a very very young age. RIP Thatha!
  • I salute those teachers who teach these KinderGarten students. Baap re!  We go to one school every Saturday, where we usually teach Computers, Maths and Science. Since there was no teacher in the KinderGarten this time, I just stepped in to teach them and boy! they ask more than a lakh qs for every word u utter!  I asked them to write alphabets in Telugu and one of them said she will write only in English and that too only M,N,O and P bcoz they r her favorite alphabets 😛 Another one said he likes only numbers! One girl said she likes to sing ‘Rani Rani Yes Papa’ and not ‘Johnny Johnny Yes Papa’!!!!!!!!   I told one girl that she had written very well and she asked if I would get her a box of chocolates next time ???????  And they bring 100 complaints every minute. Miss, she hit me. He took my pencil/chalk. She drank my water and so on 😛
  • Sags ran this super-fun contest on her blog –  ‘ The Best EavesDropper in Town‘  and I am surprised I won it.  Not because I am not smart, but because I am even the worst EavesDrooper 😐  But thanks so much Sags for the wonderful personalized certificate 😀

  • One thing we never miss in Hyderabad is the Ganesh Nimajjan [immersing the Ganesh idols in Hussain Sagar lake]. It is just worth every km that we walk and all that push and chaos that you have to put up with. Have loads of pics just like last year. Will share them soon 😀

Until we meet again, Tata! Have a gr8 week ahead 🙂