It’s gonna be a happening weekend filled with festivals for all of us. Eid tomorrow and Ganesh festival the day after – my heartiest wishes to all of you.

I will be back with a proper post after the festival; this one is just ‘another’ post.  Feels better to read and comment instead of my blah-blah here 😛  I am soooo lagging behind on the reading front too 😦 Sorry ppl!

We were driving this initiative to distribute clay idols across the city and must say it has been taken really really well. It’s so nice to see people exhibiting so much awareness. 50 idols went in less than 2 hrs in our company today and I had to get another lot :mrgreen:

Oh btw, I also got to know the significance of worshipping clay idols  😀

Ganapati is the God of Agriculture. When we worship Ganapati, we are worshipping Mother Earth and her  creations. The concept of preparing the idol with clay obtained from nature and returning it back to nature by immersion symbolizes our return to the roots of nature.

Just a peek into the pollution measurement survey results held in Bhopal and Bengaluru.

On the home front, I am ready with my 21 Ganeshas  and just can’t wait to showcase them. Shruti‘s painting is one of them. Pixie gifted me another one.   I was ready with 20 of them and was not able to decide where I could get another nice one. Uncanny – received a parcel from Smiths and lo! It was a nice Ganesha made of  Lavancha.

All my left-over time goes in shopping, in the name of  Ganesha 😛 I got some nice bamboo baskets to give it to people who come over for haldi-kumkum/ thambulam  [For CB: We invite women and give them fruits/ coconut etc.. on the festival day 😀 ].  So, all of u r invited – the baskets r really pretty u know 😉  Then, I got some lovely bookmarks – a new form of art where the figurines are completely made by sticking threads onto the base ❗  I got some beautifullll handbags made of jute, cloth etc.. etc….

Okie! I don’t even know where this post is heading to 😛 So, lemme put a full stop here 😀

Eid Mubarak and Happy Ganesha Chaturthi to all of you.

Please please worship small, cute, pretty clay idols 😀

God bless all!

P.S: Please visit Parisara Ganapati website for more info.