Err, I am fine I am fine :evil:, I put that up that skidding part there only for some rainy effects :!?!:  Thanku DeepsPal and Pix for asking me why am I not posting here 🙄  That made me come skidding here and blabber something 😀

Okie .. I actually have too many things to post about; so much so that I was confused as to what should come first – there are pics from our Bhadrachalam trip, which includes that of a place called Parnashala, from where Sita was kidnapped by Ravana :mrgreen:.

Second, I visited a workshop were clay idols were being made and it was an awesome experience.  We saw the different stages involved in making them, met the artisans and so on. I even got pics and videos. So there!

Then, I did what I lovvve doing. Visited a North-east fair. I think that is the place to visit if u want some niceee decor items. Remember my loot from the last time?  So, with Ganesha festival coming close, I shopped for a lot of  Ganesha idols. I have a plan to showcase 21 idols this time, including the clay idol [the only which we are gonna immerse :D]  So, I brought one made of bamboo roots from Tripura, another set of  Ganesha musicians in terracotta and one more made of brass wires – made by tribals in some interior forest regions of Orissa. Have written down the names, but the chit is @ home 😛 😛 So, will  add that later 😉 😉

Okie, so my dear friend Shruti has also painted a beautiful Ganesha for me with her own hands.  Am waiting to receive my parcel 😀 😀

My aunt, the sweet-heart that she is sent a parcel containing so many delicacies and also Avarekai [our favvv vegetable which I dnt find in Hyderabad :(] all the way from Mysore and a neighbour of hers, who has now moved to Hyderabad got it for us too. So nice to have such loving people in our life 🙂 God bless!

Oh we also went to Aryan’s place to attend his budday party on Friday 😀   He even gave me a return gift – a nice balloon which read ‘Happy Birthday Aryan’. How sweet of u Aryan 😀  What a selfless little boy 😀  We also had a nice Maharashtrian meal complete with Khadi, Dal Fry and Bhindi sabji 😀  Thanks for inviting err allowing us to gate-crash Aryan’s Mom 😀

Too many things on my plate  at present – work has been hectic, the eco-friendly Ganesha festival celebrations we are planning involves meeting too many people, making posters, flyers and what not 😉  Hyderabad is rocking this time in terms of going the green way. The Metropolitan development authority and SAVE [Society for Awareness and Vision on Environment] have even announced prizes of 75K, 50K and 25K for the best three eco-friendly pandals 😀

Then,  there are arrangements to be done @ home for the upcoming  Ganesha festival .  Also,  month of  Shravan has sooo many festivals lined up – the Mangala Gowri Puja performed every tuesday for the well-being of Pati Parameswar  [Su, don’t faint if you are reading  this] , Nag Panchami [worshipping Snake-God as your brother], Upakarma [basically sacred-thread changing ceremony for men], Varamahalakshmi, upcoming Krishnashtami and soooo on. Sigh! Did I succeed in convincing you people I am busy 😛 😛 😛  Aaah! My job is done 😀   Err no? Then wait for another post explaining my busy schedule 😉 😉