Author: Barbara Delinsky

Price: Rs.295/-

This is one of the best books I have read in the recent past. The language, the narration everything appeals to you and more importantly, the story is not stretched more than required.

Dana and Hugh Clarke are expecting their first baby and just can’t wait for the happy moment.  Hugh’s family traces its roots to a well-known lineage, while Dana is from a simple family – born to her mother out of wed-lock and having no clue about her father. Having lost her mother @ a tender age of 5, she has no one but her Grandma in her life and so is extremely happy with the stability of home and family that her marriage to Hugh has gifted her with.  She wants their child to enjoy all that life did not bestow upon her.

Alas! What is supposed to be one of  the happiest moments in their lives takes a complete U-turn when the baby is born black to the white-skinned Dana and Hugh! The baby’s birth raises many eyebrows and Hugh, a lawyer by profession, decides to undergo a paternity test to establish the truth!  The family is in a turmoil as all fingers point towards Dana’s fidelity or her unknown-heritage  😦  Caught between doubting her own ancestors and feeling extremely sad that the very basic foundation of trust in their marriage is shaky, she finds solace in the fact that they have a healthy and happy baby, which matters the most!  In between all these, she has to start digging for answers about her unknown history.

Hugh’s father, who has just written a book about his family tree and is about to be published, anxiously awaits Dana’s search results.  What happens when an age-old secret is revealed and how the past casts a shadow over the present and threatens the future has been beautifully penned down by the author.

There are a few other ingredients added in the story, which are wonderfully inter-woven into the main plot.

  • There is a side-story about a lady who is battling against a well-known public figure for fathering her son, as she does not have the means to save her son from a terrible accident he has met with. Hugh takes this case to shelter himself from the mixed state of feelings he is under.
  • Hugh himself devotes his professional life to defending minorities and helping them earn their rightful share, but behaves so differently when his daughter is born black and it may mark the presence of an ancestor from some minority class in their own family.  Choices we make in times of crisis define what we actually are isn’t it?
  • I loved one part where someone tells Dana how to tackle a problem, esp. when you feel you are becoming a part of it too.   Acknowledge the problem, forgive yourself, try to get over the past and the moment you feel you are getting angry with someone, try to find 3 things which you like in them. So nice if we follow it no 🙂

In short, a lovely lovely read 🙂

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