Yes yes me too .. I am a sinner. And No No! Am not continuing the NaBloPoMo 😛

This is the ‘‘My Sins against Gender-Stereotypes’ tag is so much fun that all of them are doing it @ jet-speed! So, before I will be left with nothing to say, here is my sin’full’ list! Thanks Starry, Monu, Deeps and Hitchu for tagging me officially 😉  And thanks IHM for this super-cool tag 8)

ETA: Thanks to IHM and Suranga, we even have a lovely badge to sport on our blogs now 😉

  • I have always loved to prove those people wrong, who thought girls cannot do certain things. So, I have been part on an all-boys gang, climbed trees, stolen guavas and mangoes and played galli-cricket 😉
  • My Dad taught me how to ride his Bajaj Chetak and the husband taught me how to ride a Pulsar. Ya, its so thrilling I tell u! Pulsar is a tallllll [:!:] bike alright, but I tried and that counts isn’t it 🙄
  • I make my investments and the husband’s and my sister’s and sometimes Dad’s and Mom’s too [Yes ofcourse, I take money from them 😉 ]. Yes, they trust me more than they trust themselves and I have ensured they have made profit  😛
  • My career  is as dear to me as my home is. I love being a professional as much as I love being a home-maker. The two roles complement each other; they don’t compete 🙂  [Ok, and am not saying I may not quit when we have a kid 😉 Either of us might do it or we may not 😛 :P]
  • Rode every ride at an amusement park leaving behind my handbag, stole etc.. with my colleague Y, who was the official care-taker during the entire team-outing 😉 He said cheering his team-mates gave him more joy than riding with them … really 😛
  • I am without make-up on almost all days and with very less jewellery too.  I only wear my mangalsutra, toe-rings, my ear-studs and thatz it. And NO! I don’t wear them because somebody has asked me to wear them or the tradition demands it, but bcoz I like wearing them :mrgreen: I actually don’t have a mirror @ home, other than the one in the bathroom 😉 And that is mostly used by the husband for shaving 😛
  • I can talk about anything and everything under the sun – politics and sports and cars and bikes. What? Girls are not supposed to do that no 😛 😛
  • I have seen each and every Dasara procession in Mysore  [till I moved out of Bengaluru], either sitting on the compound wall or  on top of the trees. Don’t look @ me like that .. thatz what my all my mausis do too 😉 And they whistle .. and I justdo some synchronized lip-movements, bcoz thatz one think I have tried and tried, but have not learnt 😦
  • I am the official murderer @ home … the cockroaches and other cute insects I mean 👿
  • If driving a car is manly, I have been doing it from when I could officially do it.  I have come home from work @ 1:30 a.m, I fight with auto drivers are refuse to pay them even a penny extra,  I raise my voice against people who speak about dowry,  male-child etc.. I don’t care if they think I am a rebel. I am one and I love it 😀

All said and done, I still loveeeee chocolates, shopping, cooking, baking, art-n-craft and crying too 😛 😛  I think the key is in striking a perfect balance between the pink and the blue 😀

And before u hit me for being a sinner, let me call my partners in crime. They will share the whips. Amn’t I like this because of my parents and my husband 8)  Thanks to them, for letting me be me 🙂

Oh how could  I forget! We are supposed to tag 12 people to do this one 😀





Brat – U better return to blogging and do this one .. if not on urs, atleast as a guest-post on mine 😛