No… am not going to continue posting for another month. This is something I want to know about.

When  our gas agency delivered our replacement cylinder a few months back, we saw that the one who got it home was a very small boy – aged around 10-12 may be. Su immediately ask me to keep talking to the boy and went to get his camera.  I asked the boy about his schooling etc.. He said he was studying and did these odd jobs after school to add some income to his family’s! Now, whatz more shocking was that the boy claimed that he was 16-yrs old, which I am sure he was not!!!!!!!!!!!!! Su tried taking a pic hiding away from him, but he still would not raise his head and talk to us. All the time I was talking to him, he was looking down @ the floor and answering me. At last, he even shouted at us for delay in making the payment and said he had a lot of work to do. I think it was more to wait with the man waiting down.  Was he trained so well to do all these? Is this how they use child-labour – smart and intelligent way!!!!!!!

We immediately called 1098 and gave them the details including the name and location of the gas agency! We also told them we could send them a pic as proof which they could use.  They thanked (?) us for the info and told that they would take care of the remaining things ASAP and did not need the pic at-least then. We believed in them. We did call them back after sometime and they said they were processing it.

The same incident repeated the next time – a different boy this time, but the same story alright! And we again called 1098 and told them about it.

What did they do then? Did they really go and investigate and relieved those kids or did they just warn the company against it or did nothing?

Why am I rambling about this one today? Because, there is this small boy [again not more than 10 yrs of age] who works in the vegetable shop near my house and adores me! Seriously! If I don’t go there for a few days,  I am told he asks for ‘Kannada aunty’ 🙂  As much as we tried to dissuade him from working and told him he has to go to school etc.., we did not succeed 😦 His parents told me they could educate only one kid and since they were sending his sister to school, they could not send him.  Yes, they are sending a ‘girl child’ to school, which may not be so common in such scenarios and that is commendable! But what about this boy!!!!!!!!!!! I saw him carrying heavy weight today and pushing his cycle … he was probably delivering vegetables @ someone’s place.

Any of you have any pointers on what can be done? Have you ever called 1098 and felt that your grievance had been registered and most importantly acted upon?