Author: Laura Esquirel
Price: Rs. 425/-

This book is a treat for both the heart and the growling stomach. It is a novel in monthly installments, with a yummylicious Mexican recipe for every month.  It has dishes ranging from beans to those made from geese to ox-tail soup 😛  There are home remedies for everything – right from burns to bed-bugs and bad breath and recipes for ink and lip-balm and what not!  In between all these – there is love, hatred, pangs of jealousy and many other emotions and  the book is also garnished with quite a bit of fairy-tale like happenings. I was drooling over the desserts in the book, long after I finished reading it 😉

Set in Mama Elena’s ranch in Mexico, the story revolves around Tita, the youngest of Elena‘s 3 daughters. She was born in the kitchen which had grown to be her most favourite place in the entire world and Nacha, the cook – the person whom she probably loves more than even her own Mother (?)

According to their family tradition, the youngest daughter is supposed to take care of the Mother till her time on the earth and cannot enter into wedlock till then!  This leads to Tita losing the love of her life, Pedro who gets married to her sister Rosaura in order to stay close to Tita. Tita is an expert cook and speaks to Pedro through the delicacies she prepares, leading to Mama Elena commanding Pedro against any appreciation for Tita’s cooking.  Under Mama Elena’s strict nose and their loyalties towards his married wife and Tita’s sister Rosaura, the book traces the journey of Tita from her birth till her last breath. Each chapter starts with a recipe and connects it with an important event in the protagonist’s life – each of them have been passionately related. All in all – a nice, breezy read.

Thanks for the reco Meena 🙂

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