Ahem .. this is about the princess of  then-existing EmGi’s Empire, found her way straight into the innermost chambers of my heart 😛  I felt an instant connection with her through her posts.  I left comment after comment on her blog, all the while wishing that we could be friends, but she would never visit mine *sob* *sob* But then, she did and told me she was lurking around before too 😉 Yay! And we became friends for life .. Say yes Princess 🙄

And todayyy is her birthday 😀 We are birth-year, birth-month buddies and have a lot of  other things things in common too 8) Like, we both don’t have a marriage certificate yet 😯

Here’s wishing you a very very happy birthday Meira.  May happy hours begin at your space now and forever. Have a super-duper day and a wonderful year ahead 8)  Wishing you the very best in life sweetheart 🙂 🙂

And here’s something specially for you.

Heard u like wooden earrings 😉 😉  Can I give u some virtual ones .. will ensure I gift u the real ones sometime too 😛 😛

Here’s wishing you that you get all that on your wishlist on this special day and also the much-deserved vacation to Lanka 😉 😉

U know what? There were 3 more people like you,  whom I wanted to be friends with and it did happen finally 😉  And here we are togetherwith an online party for you 🙂  Please head over to our super-baker Monu for some drooooolicious cake and chill out with some niceee champagne from Pixie-land 🙂  Indulge yourself with some more gifts that Iya has specially chosen for you 🙂

Wishing our fellow NaBloPoMo-ite a very happy birthday yet again 🙂

Happy Birthday Dear and here’s a toast to all the wonderful friendships that have blossomed over the blog world 🙂 🙂

Err cn I gift u something more 😛   The darshan of a nice creepy, crawly creature too 😛 😛 U luv them don’t u 😉

Clicked this one specially. for u 😛 😛 Cute no 😉 😉