• Dresses – Check
  • Shoes – Check
  • Books and CDs – Check
  • Chocolate, Cake, Ice-cream and Calories – Check
  • Dinner on the D-day – Check

Su:  So, what gift do you want on ur birthday?

Me: Come on Su, I have got enough already na .. from Mom,Dad,Sis, U and my friends 😀  We need to save money!!!!  [Remember, growing older and wiser ;)]

Su: Ohh, then you won’t be talking about vacations from now on 👿

Me: Err, you don’t understand me after all these years.  Thatz exactly what I meant. We need to save money for VACATIONS 8)  [At my wisest best 😛 :P]

Now wasn’t that a convincing answer 🙄  He has stuck to the ‘saving’ part and conveniently deleted the ‘Vacation’ part 😦 😦 😦

Oh btw, did I tell you ppl yesterday was our engagement anniversary too 😉 😉 Yaa .. we got engaged on my 23rd birthday 4 years ago 😀 😀 😀  We attended the function, then my MIL asked Su to take me out and buy me some gifts [in addition to all that I got @ the function 🙂 So sweet no ;)] and then we celebrated over ice-cream @ Corner House 😀   Fond memories … Happy Engagement-Anniversary Su and wishing u a happy married life 😛 Cheers!