The weather is so so gorgeous today … cool, sweet and oh so romantic 😉  A trip to Chocolate Room in the afternoon was just what was required to make it all the more beautiful!

Seated on the cosy couch watching the rhythmic rain outside ….. the warm chocolate cake between banana slits, topped with yummy chocolate sauce and juicy strawberries and nuts and choco-chips! Slurp :o:

And here’s something for all chocolate-lovers 😉 Eat Chocolates; Be Happy 8)

Courtesy Chocolate Room menu

Other than this, I did not have anything else to say today and was not sure if this even qualifies as a post 😛  Sakshi was asking me in the morning itself why I was not posting for the day and Ums sent a message too 🙂 Now you know the reason 😉

So, off I went down to click some pics.  There were so many pretty flowers blooming in the garden and I thought I could make a post out of them.

As I was heading down, there was this little girl seated on the way. I asked her to give me some space to move forward and the other girl who was with her said ‘We are just talking talking.’ I asked her what were they talking talking about and there began a nice discussion which gave me the fodder for today’s post 😛

They first told me their names were Khushi, Shrita and Dhruv and they were in classes 1,2 and 3 respectively. Khushi told me her name was very good since it means happiness. Shrita added that her’s was good too since her Mom told her that it means God 😉  Dhruv was not be left behind since he was Dhruva-Tara [star] .

Then, they told me they were discussing  about their ‘drawings’. I asked them if I could have a look and out came about 40 of them! yes, they told me the number too 😉  They told me what each pic was, who taught them to draw etc..etc.. I  asked them if I could click pics. They asked me what I would do with them 😉   I replied that I would show them to my friends and my friends will be so happy that kids in my apartments draw so well … in short, blog 😉

Here are the pics 🙂

A monster by Khushi. Shrita said there’s nothing like a monster – its just animation 😛  Dhruv added that monsters are liquified … not sure what he means 😉

Self-portrait … Khushi

I asked her why her pigtails were missing and she said this is a pic of ‘smaller’ Khushi 😛 😛

A crown .. Art by Khushi

Colour squares and you can see a few colour hearts too 🙂

Colour Bubbles … Khushi

Shrita said she loves Colour bubbles and designs. Presenting her work of art here 🙂

Her version of crown:

More from Shrita:

Family Foto 🙂

‘Tom n many Jerry’  – that’s what she told me 😛

Dhruv offered that I could click a pic of his ‘Talking Tom’ as he had left his drawings @ home.  The cat asks ‘Hello, do I know you’ if you pat on his back 🙂 Cute no?

Thanks kiddos. Not only did you give me a post for the day, you also told me that I am very cute 😛 😛 😛

Happy weekend people 🙂