I am looking for an auto and happy that the first one I chance upon agrees to come to the destination and does not even bargain over the price… which happens once in an orange moon 🙄

We move about 0.6 kms ahead. I see that the auto meter has doubled up already 😯

Me: Aapka meter bilkul teek nahi hai 😡   [Ur meter is totally gone-case!]

Automan: Kyun madam? Kya hua?         [Why madam? What happened?]

Me: Dekhiye! Already double  😯

Automan: Madam, auto hallu-hallu chalta – meter bhi hallu chalta; Auto speed se chalta, meter bhi speed-speed chalta :mrgreen: [Madam, if the auto goes slow, the meter reading goes slow too; if the auto speeds up, the meter reading does so too!]

I think I should start school all over again .. bcoz I don’t remember studying this one @ all ❗


Some random aunty calls up to invite us to her son’s wedding. So far so gud. Now comes the question 😉

I thought you would have a baby atleast after you people moved to Hyderabad, if not in Bengaluru ❗

Err I did not know Blr weather is not conducive to productivity 😉 😉


A neighbour at the new place drops in to say Hi …. just the usual initial conversations – what we do, where we go to work et..al. She then has tea, some snacks and gets ready to go. She turns back from the entrance:

Aunty: Can I tell u something if u don’t mind?

Me:  :D*Thinking “Hey Bhagwaan! Another random aunty 😛 What nw ;)”*

Aunty: U r not supposed to keep floating flowers @ home. Stagnant water means ur worries and troubles will remain stagnant 💡

Ahem .. don’t u ever store drinking water @ ur place 👿


Me trying to cross the road @ the zebra crossing. A car comes speeding like he is almost gonna hit me. I tell the ‘posh’ driver he is supposed to slow down @ that  point!!!!!!  I even call the traffic police standing close by and he just keeps mum!!!!!!

Driver:  ‘Why are you crossing the road 😕 It’s meant for people to drive’ 😡

I have not understood till now what he meant by saying that!!!!!!

As Zakir Hussain rightly said in one of his concerts, Zebra is just another animal in South Africa for most people here 😛 😛 😛


Happy Friday ppl 😀