Train journeys are always fun .. aren’t they? Making new friends, sharing snacks, the cradle-effect and so much more. I feel bad that its been flying most of the times now 😦 owing to lack of time, but those wonderful chuku-buku memories can never fade away.

My first and foremost memories of train journeys are the to-fro trips to  Mysore. Ajji-Thatha [GrandMa-GrandPa] used to stay there and that was reason enuf 🙂 The route was very familiar being frequent travellers! So much so that we even know when and where the Churmuri-wala is going to board the train and the no. of crossings and their time and place 😉

Bengaluru – START! – Mighty excited!

Then comes Bidadi … which is almost like we are still in Blr, leaving us totally impatient!

Come next station – Ramanagara [yell like every other time before that this was where Sholay was shot enlightening people who are on their first trip this side and are thrilled to know that ;)]

Channapatna – Enlightening time again that this is where you get those lovely wooden, colourful toys! At the same time, everybody is eagerly waiting for next-to-come Maddur, to gorge on yummylicious Maddur Vada which the boys come selling near the windows and awesome Masala Dosas sold on the platform 😛 😛

Come Mandya, be more than happy that we are now really really closer to Mysore, while telling people abt Mandya being famous for sugar-factories [again some gyaan that everybody on the train mostly has]

Then comes a small place Pandavapura [Yes, as the name says – the Pandavas were here and there is a hill called Kunti-betta too – lovely place actually :)] and Mom tells us tales abt  their childhood – an yr that they stayed in this place when Thatha got transferred and she lovvves the place 🙂 How there was a  stream just behind the place they stayed, how the went looking for ghosts in one of the coconut grooves behind when someone told them ghosts lived there and so on 😉

And when Srirangapatna comes, its like we are almost in Mysore. Get up in a hurry, wear slippers, run to the door — yelling is Mumma’s job this time, as she runs behind to protect her over-enthu young ones 😉  Come bk, sit decently [pretend that is :P], see if people around are seeing you from the corner of your eyes and start talking excitedly about all that u r gonna do in Mysore and all that Ajji would have ready for her grandkids, while Mom and Dad are busy packing up stuff, all that ws taken out to munch along the journey .. so much for 3 hrs 😉 😉

Anddd finally … we r home – Aah Mysore 🙂 In the comforts of Ajjimane [Grandma’s home :)]


The other train journey I lovvvved was the annual family trip we made to Tirupathi … that ws Thatha’s family deity and he used to arrange a trip every yr .. Thatha-Ajji, our family, Mom’s 4 sisters and 1 brother and their wives and children and one cousin bro of Mom and his wife and son – they were totally like family for us! Just imagine the ruckus we used to create 😛 😛 This was one trip I really looked forward to every year during the summer vacations 😀  We used to play Antakshari, dumbcharades etc.. and nobody would be there to scold us or get pissed off … bcoz we occupied one whole compartment. Most of the times, even the train staff used to join us and get us free munchies from the pantry 😛 😛 I even remember people from adjacent ones joining us in our games … what fun!  And then there would be competition to sleep on the upper-berth … all of us wanted to show-off our climbing skills 😉 😉


Then there was the trip to Mumbai we made pretty often .. we used to go by train and fly back. Honestly though, Sis and me used to be more crazy abt the return journey then 😛

I loved the local trains there more actually 😀 Buying stuff on-board and showing off to friends when I returned to Blr was a favourite pastime 8)


Another journey I really enjoyed was the one from Bengaluru to Jhansi, enroute to Khajuraho – my Uncle had been transferred there sometime back and his family – aunt and my 2 sweet sisters, me and one of my cousins AJ were on-board.  We had a gr8 time chatting, playing, eating the specialties from so many stations on the way which formed our lunch/ dinner – One of our relatives came with fresh yummy food @ Dharmavaram junction; then there ws Dharwad Peda @ Dharwad,  Vada-Pav @ Pune, fresh grapes from Sangli @ Ahmednagar, yummy yummy Bhel @ Itarsi … Gastronomical ecstaty 😮  Train journeys are so much about food and company too no .. what a lovely trip this one was 🙂 I even remember the order in which one of the waiters was selling stuff ‘Chips Biscuit Cakes Namkeen Bhujiya’ 😛 😛


One of our most recent train journeys … which both Su and me cherished a lot was that on the toy train from Kalka to Shimla .. have already written about the wonderful experience before 🙂


Sigh! I can go on and on if I keep talking about this one. Over to u now friends. Do share ur train memories with me. I would love to read them 🙂