• After a longgg longgg time, we both had a free weekend this time. Free as in freedom from office! Either Su used to be working from home or had to rush to office like any other day or I used to be called early in the day to tackle some issue @ work.  So, this ws a special weekend indeed. All we did was finish up a few personal chores – the SLR had to be given for servicing and so the home theater. While we were coming out of the service centre, we saw a new Rajasthani Khaan-Paan restaurant opened right opposite, and that too from the house of a leading chain here. Named Jharoka, the restaurant serves authentic Rajasthani cuisine that is YUMMY!  Added to the food and ambience, what I loved best was this folk singer from Rajasthan who was performing really really well with a nice traditional instrument and had a beautiful voice. Just the kind of atmosphere you need for a nice, homely meal .. there was something for all the senses 😀  And then, we went shopping for some groceries and found Raspuri Mangoes and Yalakki Bananas [varieties we lovvvved in Bengaluru but never found in Hyderabad before] and I was mighty happy and felt so much @ home 😉 😉
  • FINALLY, 2+ months after shifting to the new place, over landline got shifted and the broadband is gonna b up and running in a few days time. So, no more scheduling posts for the weekend, pestering the husband to take the pics in a drive and mail them to me from work [Drives are blocked @ mine] or curiously waiting for comments and when it gets better of me, check them strenuously on my dumb cellphone 😉 😉
  • We were seeing an Environment Day special program on National Geographic. It was about a village called ‘Hiware Bazar‘, the people of which have totally believed in self governance and self reliance to lead comfortable lives, while making their village totally environment-friendly. They have a Rural Sanitation program, as a part of which they have built 1000+ public toilets to be used by the villagers; a Watershed development program [which has been the village’s biggest innovation] – rain-water harvesting and others including Population Control and Women empowerment.  Talk about ‘doing our bit’. Reminds me how most people here laugh @ me if I tell them not to throw some garbage on the roads or when I carry a cloth bag and refuse to take the polythene bag they give me, saying that what will one person be able to do!!! We do need more such people and villages to prove what common people can do! Hats off to them!
  • And finally, what makes me the happiest is that NADAL is NO.1 again! Yayyyyy 😀 We celebrated his win by going to Music World and buying loads of CDs and DVDs.. ya, shopping is my idea of celebration 😛 😛 😛

So, how was your weekend people? Have a great week ahead all of you 😀