We had been to Gangtok in August’06. Thanks to Mom who recommended this place for our honeymoon … Paradise!  The guest house we stayed in was very close to the official quarters of Mom’s company. A few of her colleagues in the Gangtok branch, came to meet us and congratulate us on our wedding. One among them was Shyam Bhaiyya. It was kind of an instant connection we had with people there, esp. with Shyam Bhaiyya … whose hearts are as lofty as the snow peaks there but as humble as can be! Shyam Bhaiyya volunteered himself to drive us around Gangtok saying that the tour agents may eat a lot of money and more importantly, may miss showing us some beautiful spots.

He took extra care to look for a nice Veg. restaurant for us @ every point when we were busy sight-seeing! And when he invited us for dinner @ his place, it was a feast of some of the best local delicacies – one I wil never forget in my life! A local variety of egg-plant, some green leafy vegetable which I had never tasted before and so on. After our dinner, we had a nice time chatting away to glory. Shyam Bhaiyya’s wife is as social and nice as he is and his 3 sons Satyam, Shivam and Sundaram are gr8 for company! Even his Mother, who was 85 yrs old ❗ was in the discussion well into midnight … this when all she could speak and understand was Nepalese! They translated everything she wanted to say and know and we just luvvvved her company.

When we were leaving, Shyam Bhaiyya’s wife gave us a beautiful hand-knitted show-piece, which she had made specially for us.  Following her,  their son Satyam [he was in 6th or 7th then I think] said he also wanted to gift us something and gave us this sketch. He had shown us his sketches earlier that day and we had liked them so much; esp. this one.  He said he had made this specially for his Mom, as he loved her sooo much.  Still, he wanted to give us this sketch as it was his favourite one and we had loved it 🙂

This is easily one of the best gifts I have ever received in my life … so much love and warmth oozing out of it 🙂 Sigh! Such precious memories are what stay with us eternally … prized possessions indeed 🙂 There are so so many things money can’t buy!