Well, the title must tell you what the post is all about. Have so much to say actually, nothing to say really; but I wanna post and so here it goes 😉

I heard the husband muttering something @ 2 a.m the day before, in between his blissful sleepy state.  ‘Safe area‘ was what he was saying again and again 😛  Me being the loving wife that I am :shock:, thought he has had a bad dream and tried consoling him saying ‘Oh dear .. I am right here … nothing to fear‘ and all that blah. Now, the husband wakes up and says Che! Y did u disturb me.  I was teaching Nadal how to play on grass .. hw he hs got to place his shots in safe areas:mrgreen:  So much for being a caring saha-dharmini  [one who participated with equal rights in upholding Dharma (righteousness) .. is it that? Whatever, a gud wife is what I mean!!!!]

While we are talking about the husband, I told him that we have a nice and valid reason to plan a vacation to Malaysia soon ……. our visas are gonna expire in October 😦 Tell me, do we even need a better reason 🙄  Isn’t it our duty to make best possible use of our visas …. men just don’t understand hmmpf!

And he hs another nice reason too … my bday is coming soon 😀 😀  I always sing ‘Na Maangu Sona Chandi[I don’t need gold or silver] … all I want is vacations.  Coming to birthdays, I hv decided to gift Mom n Dad something special this time on my bday 🙂 After all, its such a special day for them too rt … this lovely angel that they created came out of her cocoon and blessed the world on this day 8) Planning to make a scrapbook with a few nice pics of ours and some nice msgs … thanks Sankari and Shruti for the tips … hope it turns out good and they like it 😀   Well, the husband has inferred that I am doing this to set a trend for our still-to-be-born kiddos, so that I can get a gift on my birthday, as well as on theirs. God, this man just understands me too well does not understand me at all 😐  I always believed Geminis are born-intelligent and smart. Divz told me they r gems too 😀 So damn true that 8) Hw many Geminis here?

Oh coming to Shruti, I admire you for ur time and patience girl.  Hosting the Artsy-Craftsy every single month, judging the entries and making hand-made cards for the winners and buy gifts for them …. kudos to u 🙂 God bless! And God bless u all too my dear friends – thanks to all ur precious votes, I won the Artsy-Craftsy Challenge for May 😀 Here is the lovely badge Shruti made. Awesome no 😀

Btw, the challenege for June is up too and the theme is block printing. Time to get Artsy-Craftsy ppl!

Ya, coming to contests – It was such a nice gesture by BlogAdda ppl to take a print-out of the post I had written for Mom and send it to her. Thanks so much BlogAdda 🙂

Now coming to ….. aaahh lemme think … I think thatz enuf blah-blah for nw 😛  Did I tell u I had a considerably free day today and one boring meeting I was supposed to have @ 4 is postponed too!!!! U wud hv already figured it out anyways, thanks to this post 😉