Blah-blah! …… Day2 Post2

Well, the title must tell you what the post is all about. Have so much to say actually, nothing to say really; but I wanna post and so here it goes 😉

I heard the husband muttering something @ 2 a.m the day before, in between his blissful sleepy state.  ‘Safe area‘ was what he was saying again and again 😛  Me being the loving wife that I am :shock:, thought he has had a bad dream and tried consoling him saying ‘Oh dear .. I am right here … nothing to fear‘ and all that blah. Now, the husband wakes up and says Che! Y did u disturb me.  I was teaching Nadal how to play on grass .. hw he hs got to place his shots in safe areas:mrgreen:  So much for being a caring saha-dharmini  [one who participated with equal rights in upholding Dharma (righteousness) .. is it that? Whatever, a gud wife is what I mean!!!!]

While we are talking about the husband, I told him that we have a nice and valid reason to plan a vacation to Malaysia soon ……. our visas are gonna expire in October 😦 Tell me, do we even need a better reason 🙄  Isn’t it our duty to make best possible use of our visas …. men just don’t understand hmmpf!

And he hs another nice reason too … my bday is coming soon 😀 😀  I always sing ‘Na Maangu Sona Chandi[I don’t need gold or silver] … all I want is vacations.  Coming to birthdays, I hv decided to gift Mom n Dad something special this time on my bday 🙂 After all, its such a special day for them too rt … this lovely angel that they created came out of her cocoon and blessed the world on this day 8) Planning to make a scrapbook with a few nice pics of ours and some nice msgs … thanks Sankari and Shruti for the tips … hope it turns out good and they like it 😀   Well, the husband has inferred that I am doing this to set a trend for our still-to-be-born kiddos, so that I can get a gift on my birthday, as well as on theirs. God, this man just understands me too well does not understand me at all 😐  I always believed Geminis are born-intelligent and smart. Divz told me they r gems too 😀 So damn true that 8) Hw many Geminis here?

Oh coming to Shruti, I admire you for ur time and patience girl.  Hosting the Artsy-Craftsy every single month, judging the entries and making hand-made cards for the winners and buy gifts for them …. kudos to u 🙂 God bless! And God bless u all too my dear friends – thanks to all ur precious votes, I won the Artsy-Craftsy Challenge for May 😀 Here is the lovely badge Shruti made. Awesome no 😀

Btw, the challenege for June is up too and the theme is block printing. Time to get Artsy-Craftsy ppl!

Ya, coming to contests – It was such a nice gesture by BlogAdda ppl to take a print-out of the post I had written for Mom and send it to her. Thanks so much BlogAdda 🙂

Now coming to ….. aaahh lemme think … I think thatz enuf blah-blah for nw 😛  Did I tell u I had a considerably free day today and one boring meeting I was supposed to have @ 4 is postponed too!!!! U wud hv already figured it out anyways, thanks to this post 😉


  1. LOL at the good-wife part!! 😉
    Su was teaching Nadal eh?! Not Federer to play on clay?! 😛

    And getting gifts on kids’ b’day and our b’days is a brilliant idea!
    When is your b’day again?! June or July??!! 😛 😛

    And Visa expiring is a perfectly valid reason to take a vacation! Why don’t men understand that?! 🙄


    1. Oye Y LOL … I am I am I am :grrrrrrrr

      Ya .. we r Nadal fans, so we only teach Nadal hw to win 😛 😛 😛

      Gud idea no 😉 Copy-righted 😉 😉
      Mine is in August 👿

      Men baah!


  2. many things in one post.. Gud..

    Congrats for the winning the contest.. Anyway you deserve it.. Gift for your parents.. thats too good.. Have Su agreed for the vacation for your birthday?


  3. LOL…teaching nadal to play on safe areas…i thot he was dreaming about a bank robbery 😛

    that idea of gifting your parents is lovely. may i steal it, pls pls pretty pls (with cherry on top)?

    And vacations need no ‘reasons’ or ‘excuses’. Just go! 😀


  4. lol!!!

    And I thought ur hubby must have been pulling you away from some shops onto a safe area 😉

    Your idea reminded me of my parents ki 25th mrrg anniversary when I had gifted them with 25 hand made cards 🙂


    1. Oh that ws so nice Smita. Sigh!
      My parent’s 25th ws the yr I got married … y dint it occur to me then .. wud hv been so nice 🙂

      From some shops … ha ha ha 😀 Thankfully, he is nt so fed up of shopping as yet *touchwood*


  5. 🙂 teaching Nadal!!
    Loved ur idea of gifting your parents Swaram.. they’ll love it 🙂
    Vacation toh banta hai… b’day bhi hai aur visa bhi 😀


  6. LOL the Nadal bit was really funny….I cd visualise the entire scene 😀

    I get the feeling the husband is pretending to be not interested and then going to surprise u with it….the trip ie. When it happens dont let him know u already knew, just act wonderfully surprised and delighted……it may set a future trend 😀


  7. I was working … I work so usually am ot a part of this rat race ;p!!!! … LOL at the visa thing…. there’s a surprise coming up for you later in the evening on my blog keep a watch out ;p …. Oh btw… when did u tickle the earth???

    And yes .. I think the idea of gifts is damn cool… only it is to be implemented in my house after I bring home my daughter.. after all I need to have some special benefits during my ‘momhood’ tenure na ??? ;?


    1. Ohhh never knew that Sagarika .. so u r nt part of this race n all that hmmm 😉

      U hv a surprise … when is later 😛 I am leaving by 6 today and no net @ home 😦 😦 😦 😦

      I told u I tickled the earth one fine day in June 😛 😛
      Divz is easily gonna find out on FB I think 😉 😉

      Ohhh u totally deserve those special benefits 😀


      1. Ohhh.. since I detest social networking I wont know till another birthday jumble baffles me and in the end of the day makes me feel stupid ;p …. nah baby not possible beofore 6 as can’t post from office.. i log in via proxy 😦 … Oh btw Congrats 😉


        1. Ohh its so sweet of u to hv a surprise first of all .. hw cn I ask u to post before 6 🙂 I ws just feeling bad for nt hvng net @ home boohoo 😦 BSNL, r u listening? Give me the broadband ASAP!!!!!

          He he thanks 😀


  8. shit i always wnt to b the first one to comment…n i always end up being in the 12-13th position 😛 …anywayss…i’m gonna do it one day 😛 … congratss on winning the artsyy crafstyy conpetition…u deserve it girl 🙂 …and as far the scrapbook idea is concerned…i luved it….ur mom dad wil b really happy to see tht 🙂 muuuaaahhh


    1. U will Dido 😉 Err want any hints 😛 😛

      Thanks Dido .. I hope I deserved it. There were some gr8 entries 🙂 🙂

      Oh I hope it turns our gud too 🙂


  9. you won??? congrats !!! so, what did shruthi accept as the bribe? 😀 😀 😀

    planning a trip to malaysia, I wouldnt go to that country again, even if I was paid sonas and chandis !! 😀

    and you are so free today, huh?


    1. Shruti took that exact thing tht u gave me the very first time to tell u that u sing well .. remember 😉 😉

      Ayyo I just hope Su does nt get to hear this from u .. err what happened 😛
      Okie, I wil ask him for a vacation to Indonesia again 😉 I luvvv that place 😀

      Ya revy revy freeee 😀 Hope u r nt my mgr disguised as Vimmuuu 😯


  10. What a delightful post Swaram. Nadal 🙂 I am still smiling , now grinning :D. A gift to parents was a very touching thing.
    NOw you deserve a long lazy vacation. Go for it girl 🙂


  11. Wow! Teaching Nadal? That must be a dream he would wish comes true 😀
    Anyway, I like blah posts , so much stuff in one post, cool na? And advance me ‘appy Birthday! I do have a lot of Gemini friends, but Saggis rock! Anyday! 😛


    1. And I so hope it does nt DI … he is already so crazy abt it. Imagine then!!!! I cn never get his time 😉 😉 😉

      Thanks girl … oh my sis wud agree with what u said 😛 😛 Saggis Rock .. but Geminis rule 😉 😉


      1. “Saggis Rock” – errrr small correction – Saggi rocks.. just misplacement of ‘s’ it’s ok typo … neva mind {{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}

        “Geminis Rules” – of course Swar.. don’t re-state established facts {{{hugs}}}} …. any objections DI? .. nah u sweet… oh btw.. surprise later at night DI for you on my blog ;p!


  12. how thoughtful Su is…. I admire his dedication to teach Nadal even in dreams and as a Nadal fan u didn’t understand that 😦 😦

    Vacation to Malaysia… 😀 😀 hope Su agrees 🙂 🙂

    Congrats for winning the contest… all the best for this months too 🙂 🙂


    1. Wah wah! Dedication .. err hr did i nt c his dedication 😉 So sry 😛 😛

      I hope he agrees too Kanagu 😀 If nt Malaysia, anywhere else wud do too 😉 All I need is a vacation 😉

      Thanks Kanagu 😀


  13. Tell you what? Motivate the hubby ….. something like putting a deadline – “When should I apply for leave?” ignoring the fact that he did not buy the idea of a vacation. It may motivate him to think about it positively. Vacation in summers – sheer bliss


  14. Wow! you are on a rock n roll girl with a second post up and running in few hours time 😀
    Malaysia is an awesome vacation spot. I simply love KL and Genting 😀 😀
    I hope you get to go there 🙂

    Congrats girl for winning the craft competition 🙂 Good luck for this month too 🙂

    Love your enthusiasm and never stopping to impress energy 🙂


  15. awwwwwwwwww so many comments already. Thanks sweetheart.
    I’ll come back at night with a longer coment.. n much blah blah from my side. 🙂


    1. So are you a leo or a gemini? confused 🙂

      LOL at Mr. teaching Nadal in his sleep 🙂 Reminded of Na muttering in her sleep when she sees too much of wordworld(a children’s program here)

      Love your new header picture.. reminds of the song Yeh haseen vadiyan from Roja 🙂


      1. ahhh. ur comments are a post in themselves!! LOL. I loved the idea of the scrapbook. hope u get it done in time. I’ll also try making something.

        LOL @su mumbling away to nadal. I sleep too soundly to hear if my husband ever tried a stunt like that.

        N u shud plan a trip again. I loved KL n Genting n Thailand. The singapore trip is getting postponed to next may. Join us 🙂


        1. Aww so sweet … ur bk with ur comment 🙂 🙂

          Oh I hope so too Shruti .. hv to go shopping today 🙂

          He he izzit 😛 They sound so interesting 😛 Sometimes, I get some C++ gyaan too 😛 😛

          Ohhhh … hw I wish we cn do that no .. wil be so much fun 🙂


  16. Whoa Swaram! Birthday gift idea is too good! You are a good woman Swaram, coz when AB sleep talks, I ask him more questions and make him talk more to sneer at him and irritate him the next day 😛

    I vote for Malaysia! 😀


    1. Aww thanks for saying that Divz 😛 LOL .. that wud be fun no 😉 Wil try it next time 😉 😉

      I know .. I so wanna go somewhere 😛 😛


  17. You have like 50 comments in an hour!!! I’m sure this was written post 4 o clock!
    Anyway… Persuade the husband/banter him to death to take you to malaysia!!! 🙂 🙂
    It’ll be awesome!!! 🙂


  18. hey !

    shubha chinta … shubha karya …. shubha vakya

    btw, the dogs pic is nice … have always admired dogs , esp the resilient street dogs


  19. 😀 😀 Congrats on the awards…
    Advanced b’day wishes…. 😀
    And LOL! at the sincere patniji …. Would have loved to see your quizzical expression 😀


  20. Congrats! and thoughtful gift you’re putting together!

    Hope you get an awesome gift from that husband of yours, or you just might pack him off to a ‘safe area’. 😆


    1. LOL Starry .. I just hope he does nt file a defamation case against me for this post 😛 😛

      I hope it comes out well … thanks 🙂


  21. LOL! Su training Nadal was priceless 🙂 As for vacation planning – if you leave it to men, they will never materialize or even if they do, they will inevtiably be badly planned – atleast in my home 🙂

    That idea of gifting your parents on your birthday is so wonderful! I love that idea 🙂 Che! I should have thought of this before Poohi was born 🙂


    1. LOL .. PLanning is something I always do Smitha … he gives me credit that I do it well .. wonder if its to pass on the work 😛 😛 😛
      All I need is the nodddd 😉 😉

      LOL … never too late Smithu .. start bw 😉


  22. You have a visa to Malaysia and you are not going 😯 What are you thinking..go get those tickets booked I tell ya.. Quick..

    Birthday..what is a birthday??.. That word makes no sense at all 😛 😛

    Congratulations again on the award..

    PS: you are good at this blah-blah stuff :mrgreen:


    1. LOL … we were supposed to go to Malaysia some time last yr and got the visa .. dint go then 😉 Ya ya .. we shud 😛 😛

      Thanks Comfy 🙂

      Aww u r so sweet .. thatz y I hv decided to blah-blah for the whole of June 😛


  23. Swaram: Congrats on the Artsy-Craftsy challenege winning.
    And I really liked your idea about the scrap book for your parents. I sent them one on my son’s first B’day.


  24. He he he, teaching Nadal 🙂
    LOVED your idea of gifting parents stuff on the child’s bday!! Brilliant 🙂 And congrats on winning the contest 🙂


  25. LOL on sahadharmini !!!
    You are glad your 4:00pm meeting is postponed ???? I hope its postponed to next day and not later time on same day 😀


  26. Congrats on winning the contest. Was this the one that we had to vote? Matthe nan treat elli? 😛

    Watch highway on my plate before you go. Those two were in Malaysia (recent episodes) and they had some amazing food 😀

    And I love your idea of gifting something to your parents 🙂


    1. Shru, thatz one pgm I never miss …. the episodes repeat nwadays aadre 😛 The Malaysia thing hs come so many times 😉 😉 Sea-food treat 😉

      Ninge treat Hyd nalli pakka …. thank u 😀


  27. Congratulations on winning the contest 🙂 And that was cute..btw I too mumble in my sleep…
    When is your birthday Swaram ?? Just curious to know cause I am a gemini too !!


      1. Yay Swar got your bday!!! 😀 (Didn’t have to google.. I knew it!!! hmmph) .. yup live.. when’s yours?? .. mine is on Worlds’ Oceans Day 🙂


  28. ROFL! @ Teaching Nadal on how to play on grass….
    Given the state of affairs he should have taught Fedex to play on the clay 🙂


  29. That’s a good one…teaching Nadal and in the cricket season, it must be the tips for Dhoni and team, like it is in our home! :O
    Congrats for winning the contest!
    Cheers 🙂


  30. Blog adda sent a gift to your mom..thats really sweet of them! I’m sure auntie must have been moved to tears upon reading what you wrote for her 🙂

    So your b’day coming up?? And you guys are planning to go to Malaysia..aww I’m already feeling so nostalgic at the mere mention of the place. Its a beautiful place!!

    Laughed out loud at Su’s sleepy-state advice to Nadal!! 😀


    1. Ya Deeps … it ws a real nice gesture from them 🙂
      LOL .. we just hv the visa … the leave and other things shud fall in place 😛 😛

      He he … saw the match sday? Ws awesome no 🙂


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