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There’s Jacob, who is in a condition known as ‘Asperger’s Syndrome’, which is on the higher end of Autism spectrum. This is different from other autism cases in the sense that such people want to connect with the society, but are not sure how to go about it. They cannot read social cues, cannot face people in their eyes, can get nothing out of facial expressions.  They follow a routine and lose control if it goes hayward. For Jacob, ‘Think in his shoes’ means that he literally gets into the shoes of the said person and starts thinking. But, he has an excellent IQ and memory power, so much so that he knows many sections of the law by-heart. He is extremely interested in Crime Scene Investigations.He wonders why people say he is autistic. Its just that he has autism, the way he has flat feet and brown hair.

Then there’s Emma – Jacob’s Mom, taking care of Jacob and his younger brother Theo, single-handedly as their Dad Henry walked out on them when Jacob was diagnosed with Asperger’s and thinks his only responsibility is the monthly check he sends in their name. She is strong, does all she can to get him out of the situation and goes all out to prevent a meltdown.  Theo is like any other boy his age, sometimes angry that his life is totally dependent on his brother’s moods . .. whether its abt eating out or the menu or whatz playing on TV and annoyed that he has to play the elder brother most times.

To add to this, there is a brutal murder – Jacob’s social skills tutor is found dead and he is the prime suspect!

If you like Jodi Picoult’s writing style [Medical conditions/ moral dilemmas] and love mysteries, you must get hold of this one. Few reviews I saw said that the book seems repetitive and the mystery is not very engrossing, but I felt the key was to balance between emotions and mystery.

There is also a lovely twist in the end where Jacob proves people with Asperger’s have feelings too and they can love others. This is the point which most reviews miss out is what I felt. Watch out for it and hope you enjoy the read 😀

P.S: For those who could not get anything out of the last post, it was part of a birthday treasure hunt for a dear friend 😀 Sorry, cud nt leave any clues there  8)