As far as I can remember [roughly from my memory and from tales told @ home], the first thing I wanted to become after I grew up was  a Circus Joker .. yes, a Joker! I used to love seeing them running behind each other – hitting, kicking, juggling. And so, I used to try and stick a tomato on my nose and try to look like one.  My cousin had once placed some grains of puffed rice between her lips and told me she is Shurpanakha [an oggress in the epic Ramayana]. I thought putting them in my nostrils would make me look like a joker [I have a pretty innocent face to look like an ogress u c ;)] and attempted that one too, much to the fury of elders @ home. The cousin got rebuked actually for teaching me all these 😛 😛

Not sure when that dream got lost along the journey, but the next thing I wanted to be was a ‘Swing Aunty‘. There were these helpers @ Nursery School, who used to take us out during the play times and push us on the swing, help us slide etc.. Somehw, I used to find it really cool.

Then came ‘Bedsheet Uncle‘, who used to sell sarees, bedsheets etc.. by visiting us @ home. What ws so cool about him that he got to roam around with the bundle of clothes on his Luna Super and that was something I wanted to do too 😛 Leave my small cycle and get promoted to a moped.  So, I used to take a few clothes, tie them in a dupatta and place them on Amma’s two wheeler, make sounds like buurrrr as though I ws riding the bike and went about selling clothes!

Wonder where all this gave way to the in-thing then … becoming a Doctor. So, the white uniform shirt was worn on any and every dress on days it was needed for school and teddy-bears were cut open using scissors and small knives to remove babies 😛 😛

The sweetest dream and which stayed with me for the longest time was one where I wanted to be a Play-back singer ..ahem 8) I used to hold anything which looked like a mike and sing and throw in some ‘Oh, ok sir’ or ‘higher octave .. hmmm’ as though a music director was guiding me 😛 I laugh @ it now when we talk abt it @ home, but it was my heart n soul then 😉

And then, somewhere down the line, a Journalist too 🙂

I see ppl say ‘Bachpan ka sapna poora hone ja raha hai‘ [My childhood dream is turning into reality] or ‘Bachpan se hi singer banna chahti thi‘ [I wanted to be a singer from my childhood itself] on so many reality shows.

I am now in a field which I chose to enter quite later in life …. may be when I was in the last few years of school life 😐  So, what all did u ppl want to be from childhood? All those dreams, the aspirations, the pretend-plays? And when did u decide what is that you are going to pursue?  I would love to know 🙂