Every child feels his/her Mom is special and I am no different. Words can just not do justice to what Mothers are. Still, I want to play with them and try to let you know how much you mean to me. I fight, oppose, revolt but I do reflect and realize you were always right. I may not come back and tell you, but lessons I do take from you 🙂

Some things in life looked very simple then, but they are so special for me now Amma.

Your day used to begin @ 4 a.m … make customized breakfast, lunch, perform Puja and rush to catch the 5:30 bus for your first shift! It wasn’t easy for you, but you wanted to be home when we get back from school with yummy snacks waiting. And what did we do? Come, take a bite and run out to play? Still, you never complained. I can’t believe you even did night shifts Amma, for just being with us during vacations.

Remember that Second Saturday? U got us a dabba full of ‘Sandige hittu’ [the dough of a papad-like thing made @ home using rice flour] to school bcoz we loveeed it and was best eaten hot and fresh. You know how much my friends loved ‘Swaram’s tiffin dabba’ no? People who never ate idlis loved yours and you happily packed stuff for all of them 😛 Sweet li’l joys of life Amma 🙂

You never imposed things on us and let us do what we loved. I know you would have loved it if either of us pursued medicine, but supported us happily when we joined you and Dad as engineers. You told us it’s as important to go out and get fresh air as much as it is to sit and study. You encouraged us to learn all that we wanted to and never asked us to give up anything for the sake of studies.

You let me watch ‘Love in Tokyo’ the previous night of my 9th Sanskrit final exams. You were happy telling people I scored 99 even then… weren’t u 😉 Thanks for the trust Amma 🙂

You are so cool. Whenever I told you I dint score as much as I wanted to or that the appraisals were not as good as I thought they would be, you never joined me in the mourning or rebuked me for it, but told me casually that there was nothing to brood over and helped me move on and better myself!

Even when it came to my marriage, your first question was not about a groom, but whether I wanted to marry! And oh, when that robbery happened @ home and I lost all that you had given me with love, u don’t know how much you helped me by being what you were Amma. It just does not let things get to my head and be a cause for worry… makes me feel so relaxed and secured 🙂

You are my Guru, Amma – be it technical stuff, cooking … everything under the sun. You are awesome @ guiding me. Stay tuned for the ‘charrrr’ sound or stir till it collects @ the centre, wait for the bubbling up of the mixture or it turns a colour similar to a particular flower @ home and so on 😛 I am mighty proud of you Amma for all that you have achieved in your career, while striking the perfect balance between home and work. It’s so nice to share my domain of work with you. I wonder how you get time to make all stuff @ home Amma .. the masalas, papads, pickles. As for me, I am happy to receive that monthly courier with all of them 😉

Most importantly, thanks for being there for us whenever we want you Amma 🙂

Know what? BlogAdda has this ‘Tribute to you Mom’ Contest on account of Mother’s Day. Remember what u told me when u first read my blog? That you were so happy I had taken to writing because you always thought I was a born writer. Ha ha … they say Hethhavarige Heganha Muddu right? [For the parents, even a bandicoot is beautiful ;)] And so, I wanted to write for you Amma, just for you, bcoz you are such an important part of my life. Forgive me if I have ever hurt you. God bless u Amma 🙂

Here’s a gift specially made for u .. thanks to Pringoo 😀