So, I had a perfect start to the weekend today.  A team-mate got married recently and decided to treat us in view of one of golden mome. And the usual chat session commenced. 11 men vs the only girl in the team!!! Pros and cons of marriage and all those talks to convince themselves that women are weird [instead proving that they are ;)] hmmpf!!!!

Disclaimer: All characters here are non-fictional and there can be a number of men who can relate to these because all men are born equal 😛 😛  And yeah, take it light!

The newly-married man has already made so many observations:

1. The wife who was so soft-spoken that he had to ask her speak loudly now shouts tells ‘Aye chup’  @ every instance.

I have a doubt why men ‘fall’ for a girl and marry if they all feel so even before 😉 bcoz I saw the bachelors nodding their head too 😉

2. All those girls who were never seeing him before have started staring @ him 🙄 and he feels so bad that he has been taken!

They must be wondering who is that girl who saved them all! The safety quotient is what makes them stare @ you and say a prayer for ur wife 😛

3. Don’t give a gift and she questions why? Give her a gift and she says its very expensive …. huh?


So, the next person chips in and says women are very accommodative in the first year and then it keeps reducing and then when the price of gifts decline year by year, they take it all out after the 5th year citing how the quality of gifts kept getting worse!

And naturally, it now shifts to phone bills during the courtship period. I wonder how men have all the time in the world to go on and on then and cut the call saying busy every-time now. Were they not working before 😛 And the most experienced person among the lot says:

Its to ascertain the risk factors and work on risk mitigation!

What management skills 😉


They ask the newly wed his wife’s favourite colour and say they will look out for him wearing those tees in the nearest future 😉

Am not sure if we really do that! Even otherwise, aren’t they secretly loving it 😉 😉


And now for the true colour of men 😉

It seems a colleague’s wife asked him how she looks in a particular dress. Instead of replying to her qs, he asked her when had she bought it? She had to remind him they had gone there together etc.. etc… And he says ‘Oh ya! I saw another girl wearing the same dress in office yesterday’. Still no answer to her qs.

Now now, why do they complain they don’t have as much memory power as women? They can remember all this eh?


Now springs up another one from nowhere.

Says he ‘My wife picked up 2 more brooms in addition to the 4 @ home because they were on some discount sale!!!

Buddy, she is being so so thoughtful, not buying dresses or something for herself in the sale but something so important to keep the house clean .. Please understand, will you?’


So, they conclude that men are practical and ‘search’ for a good girl while girls hunt for ‘Mr.Perfect’, ‘Mr.Right’ etc..!

He he he .. girls have found the right way to postpone their marriage and get their parents to go slow .. because they know they r looking for something which does not exist!!!!And why do u ppl have to search .. girls and good are synonyms 😐

And then, why do I hear someone saying ‘Ms.Universe’, ‘Apsara’ etc.. etc.. 👿

Men will be men! Baah!