Okie .. this is not some series I am gonna do every Thursday and bore u people to death.  Just that I was in the Wordless Wednesday hangover and wanted to make up a title for what I am gonna write here 😛

Some people just amaze me with their quest for learning new things .. not self-learning but from others.  Esp. when it is from somebody junior to you @ work, younger than you etc.. Personally, I have seen and felt that its not very easy to say I don’t know .. to let go of your ego.

There’s one such person in my team. He is senior to most of us in age, experience etc.. but since his previous jobs have not given him an opportunity to learn much in the domain, he is always ready to ask questions and learn from anyone and everyone. And it comes to him so naturally. There’s absolutely no drama involved or indirect way of finding out things.  Reminds me of the saying that ‘If u ask, u might be a fool for once; but if  u don’t, u r a fool forever’.

There was this ex-neighbour of mine, a woman twice my age probably. She was very friendly and used to drop in after her walk every evening for 5-10 min and ask me what was for dinner. She was always surprised to know that we don’t use garlic @ home, but was sweet enough to cook stuff for us without garlic when she used to invite us for lunch/dinner etc.  On one such evening, when I told her I had made Pulao, she asked me whether that was without garlic too? And when I replied in the affirmative, she asked me if she could taste some, then appreciated it whole-heartedly and asked me to write down the recipe and give it to her.  And this was not one instance. Many times, she used to ask me if I had tried any new recipe and whether I could teach her how to go about with it.

My Mom and mausis do that .. they ask me for new things I have tried out. That when they are all expert cooks and there have been instances when they have gotten together to cook for even 100 or more people during get-togethers etc.. and more than one type of cuisine at that. I always thought I am their daughter after all and ofcourse, its natural for them to be happy and proud. Dear ones just wait for an opportunity, no? 😉

But it was different with this aunty. It was from her neighbour, a girl who was on her own in the kitchen just for about 2-3 yrs not! And I saw that she was like this in every aspect and with every person. Always ready to learn even the smallest of things, without that feeling of ‘ Oh I know this’. I think its a beautiful quality to have. To be so honest that u don’t know something and be ready to learn anything @ anytime from anyone. And her enthu to learn new things!

And somehow, I feel its not as common as we may think it is.  I think I myself fall somewhere in between for that matter!  Did this make any sense to u guys or is it all crap 😛