Yes! This post is about the Super-hero of my life and now this blog too 😦 πŸ™‚

Look @ my fate … I take all pains writing posts, responding to comments etc.. [or do u take reading them?] and Su is the one who gets labeled as ‘Smart‘, ‘Brilliant’ and what not πŸ™„

And me being me, I get my own legs pulled putting up things like the search which leads to my blog saying ‘How to tackle bad wife’ etc.. 😦

As if that was not enough, I went on to put some ‘Su-gyaan’ as a status message on FB:

I tell hubby like an obedient wife that I am gonna buy another Prestige cooker and he says ‘Ayyo, Prestige for the company; pressure on me’. Thatz why I love being disobedient!

expecting sympathy from my Su’s friends and all I get is LOLs, ROFLs, LMAOs and Su gets the compliments again hmmmpfff!!

People even think that now the search term for my blog would behow to be the disobedient wife’ or ‘how to tackle bad,disobedient wife’?

The best one is from a dear friend who says πŸ˜‰

My addition to the list is ” How to shift home single handedly(Su’s hand)”?

Now now, what sort of an image am I building for myself 😦 Why is life just so unfair πŸ˜›

BSad Wife