• So, the house that we moved into has now become ‘Home Sweet Home’. Things are in place and it feels great to know what is where after all that mumble-jumble which the move had created.  Found a nice maid, who looks clean, works the same and does not show extra interest in knowing things about us or telling us about others 😉
  • I am mighty impressed with the service provided by Cache Furniture. I have always loved the furniture they sell, the quality, variety et..al, but dropping in home as soon as I made a call to set right the dining chairs which were a bit shaky after good 3 yrs of purchasing them and to top it, if the service charges are just Rs.100/-, they know how to keep their customers happy!
  • The swing is back in place after spending all its time in a corner of the ex-house due to lack of place to hang the same. And what has followed is Mahayudh for occupying the same!  With all that space around to sit comfortably, this one is still the best option! All that Dad wanted to know when we were talking about the arrangements over phone is whether the swing is back in place 😉 😉 Okie, he did ask for a few things, but I think this was the most important thing he wanted to know 😛
  • An open invitation to all of u to visit us @ the new place. Hyderabad bloggers who have been postponing the visit, I think you should do it atleast now 😉 U know how many shopping malls are close by 😉  And for people who are interested, the house is adjacent to a Women’s college 😛  Vimmuuu, if u do visit me this time unlike last time when u did not drop in home, I know why 😉
  • And the fact that office is so so close, I am still not able to digest that 😛 Psst psst, I came in for a while on Sunday just to make an online payment … ahh, bliss!
  • I am missing my neighbours a lotttt though! I had wonderful neighbours in the previous place. So much so that, the aunty next door used to cook for us if I was not feeling well and keeping that too keeping in mind all that we liked, what we did not eat etc… She just did not like that we are moving out. Even asked me if I was trying to fool her as it was the 1st of April. The day our place was burgled and we were busy with the police, she cooked for us afresh and served us dinner @ midnight! And then for 3 more days after that, 3 families were contending with each other to serve us food!  Sigh! That $*&# did teach me there are some things in life we can never lose!!!!  I told her we are just moving about 7-8 kms away and that she has to visit us sometime .. she said ‘Definitely, won’t u invite me for ur ‘Godh-bharai’ 😛 Some indirect question there 😉  And I am looking forward to meet some lovely ppl here too 🙂
  • And I just realized for the nth time in life that all I need is Su’s company to get through things. Mushy as it might sound and it probably is, he is my best travel companion, the best person to argue with 😛 and I am so glad we can manage anything and everything between the two of us.  Questions ppl had and probably we did too as to how we would manage to move houses, how would we manage time for all the arrangements, I am so glad it was all so smooth. Thankfully, we had very helpful Move-n-Pack staff, but still it all seemed so easy to make the transition from house to home with the two of us working in sync to put things in place 🙂  There is a difference in the way we work … I can’t sleep till things are in place and Su is cool when it comes to the same and does it in a relaxed way, but 4 yrs of marriage has definitely taught me that all we need to do is be what we are and trust the other person the way he/she. How does it matter when the end result is better than the best? This song is for u Su 😉

  • And eh, thanks to all of u, I won the ‘Best Visual Post’ award @ theAvant Garde Bloggies Awards’09 and was the runner-up in the  ‘Most Responsive Blogger’ category. Put them up here 🙂 Kudos to Poonam and team for all their efforts to organize such a great event and making it a gr8 success. Congratulations to all the participants and the winners. I got to know about it from Nu. Thanks a lot dear 🙂
  • Rt now, I so want to meet some blog friends and also go on a vacation .. wildlife preferably 😛  Strong urge …. very very strong

Thatz about it for now. Hope u all had a gr8 weekend too 🙂 Care to share 😉