Comfy tagged me with this utterly-butterly interesting tag. So, here we go!

5 pathetically horrible movies you’ve seen:

Not a movie buff @ all and now with the better half being my baap, we watch very few of them.  Don’t even ask me why I went and saw these dabba ones though. My mom and my youngest aunt stay in the same apartment.  Sis, me and aunt used to have a gala time roaming around, shopping etc.. and just for time pass, used to head to this one theatre very very close to my place and see the movie playing there 😛 The timepass was in discussing how bad the film was, what could have been better and all that .. ya, as crazy as that 😉

1. Rajkumar

Baah! The worst me thinks! Madhuri and her dance is the only saving grace!

2. Trimurti

Duniya re duniya .. very gud very gud 😉 Duniya waale … very bad very bad

I liked that villain though … Khokha Singh buhahahahaha 👿

3. Vijaypath … Saw it only bcoz I used to like the Ruk ruk ruk song 😉

4. Non-Kannadigas pls excuse me. But, this has to be here! Any movie with Upendra or Ravichandran are a serious NO-NO for me!!!

5.  Chand kaa Tukda

Gosh! This was so irritating!!!!! Y did Sridevi even do such a movie! My cousin bro and sis dragged us to see this movie and I will never ever forgive them for it :grrrrr

5 accessories you can create out of food

1. Radish Ring … this was the only way grandma could get us to eat radish. Its so easy to remove the inner part of the boiled radish and there u hv a ring ready 😉 She used to make us eat as many pieces as the no. of rings we wanted. ! I used to hate the smell otherwise. Radish now, is one of my fav. veggies 😀  Beware! The rings might fall off! Select the ones which fit properly 😉

2. Necklace with alternate green-peas and long and slender carrot pieces .. somehw, I luv the combo 😛

3. Cauliflower florets can be used as flowers . A pony and a few florets fixed into the band .. waah … mast hair-style 😉

4. Chain and pendant .. Use a thin strip of banana leaf as a nice chain and pierce it through three pieces of ash gourd … awesome colour combo 😉

5.Smiley pendant .. Take a slice of potato … draw eyes, nose and smiling lips using tomato sauce or pickle 😛 Allow to dry and there u have the pendant ready. Again, use banana leaf strip to string the same and u are ready to rock the party 😉

Disclaimer: I hv not tried any of these, except the first one and that for fun 😛 So, pls to try @ ur own risk. Rotten eggs and tomatoes r not mine if u receive any 😉

5 places where you won’t be seen dead at

1. Marriages where random aunties are more interested in what jewels you are wearing and the cost of ur saree more than urself!

2. A place filled with crabs and scorpions .. eeks!

3. Himmes bhai’s music concert 😛 😛

4. Places covered with algae and those white fish-like structures formed due to standing water. Sheesh! I can’t believe people don’t clean that 🙄

5. So-called high-class hotels where Masala Dosa costs Rs.80/- or a plate of Idly costs Rs.50/-. Excuse me, please head to SLV or Brahmin’s Cafe in Bengaluru and u will know what real Idly and Dosa taste like for 1/6th ur price!

5 people you’d love to hit, anytime, anywhere

1. The person @ work who thinks sitting late in the night means he is working hard and has his eyes on other’s timings more than on his comp 😉 He better be the time-keeper of the company!

2. People who paint the walls and the road with their valuable contributions .. the paan and their sputum!

3. These sadistic idiots who love bringing in communal riots, take pride in pelting stones and killing ppl! Go get a life and let others live their’s too!

4. The neighbour whose music player yells like everybody around is deaf or is aiming @ making them so.

5. That robber for sure! If only I get him, as they say in Kannada, Hutlilla annasbidtini [Will make him feel he was never born :P]

5 things you’d do to scare anybody

1. Am I not enough 😉

2. Apply heavy kajal in my eyes, a thick layer of mascara, eye-liner surrounding the eyes, hold a candle near my eyes and go near a person who is fast asleep 👿

3. My dad used to say I look scary with all the Multani Mitti on my face before. Rather, I used to love scaring him that way 😛 So, may be, I will try that one too!

4. We had once watched this Tamil movie [can any of you tell me the name pls???] in which one actress, I think Radha, walks putting her legs alternately across, moving like a snake, as an aatma of a snake would have entered her body. Doing this while moving my tongue in and out was my favourite game to scare my younger sis then 😉

5. Hiding behind the door etc.. and shouting Boo or Baah or something like that when a person enters always works .. well, almost 😉

There! Am done! Thoroughly enjoyed giving loony answers to this one. And now to tag some loonier characters to do this one 8)

Pixie : I know u use a lot of such accessorries and want to kill a lot of people like that 😉

Vimmuuu : Remember by scary eyes 🙄 🙄 U better do this one!

Meira: Bcoz u r so creative babe 😛

Shruthi: Madam, u remember u have something called a blog too?

Uma: Not because u are loony, but because u love doing tags 😀

LostWorld: Bcoz she writes nice posts on fooling around/ scaring away ppl etc.. 😛

Kavya, Priya and Meena, more because they have not been posting as much as they have to 🙂

Anybody else who wants to do this one, please take it up .. would love to read ur versions 🙂