Battling an eye-infection while being drowned in work is the worst possible combo 😦  The swollen right eye had me rushing home after the end of a long day @ work and I conveniently forgot about the eye ointment that I wanted to pick up on the way.

As I called Su to ask him to get the same on his way back home, words deceived me at the right moment and I just could not get the name of the medicine. I told him it was very easy to identify as they looked exactly like [well, almost I think :P] jasmine buds.

This is the closest pic I cud get from the net. What I hv actually seen are even green in colour and so look exactly like those buds.

Tring tring .. It ws Su from the medical store.

Hey, I got them .. is it Applicaps that u r looking for? he asked.

Oh yes! Hw cud I forget that! Exactly!

They look like mini Cricket bats though‘ he said 8)

🙄 🙄 🙄

What else could I expect on a day when Sachin’s bat was madly in love with the ball, on his way to that historic 200? Cricket, cricket everywhere! Hmmpf!  What a visual treat that one was!