Day6 in Singapore and we visited 6 wonderful places.  A day which started with gardens and ended at the splendid Clarke Quay, had so much to offer in terms of variety and beauty. So here come the pics from the two beautiful gardens.  I think its gonna be kind of over-dose if I share all of it here. So, this ones gonna be gardens all 🙂 The last part of the series will be coming soon 🙂

We started our day with a visit to the Chinese-Japanese gardens. The Chinese and Japanese Gardens are situated on two islands in the serene Jurong Lake. For the people who stay close by, its like a paradise for morning walks et…al 🙂  Anyways, I am equally happy about by walking heaven too .. so, no complaints there 😀

Extending a warm welcome  🙂

There’s something about Pagodas which I love absolutely. the very look, the architecture or may be even the very name 😛 and I head to any destination which promises me some 😀 And we were not disappointed at all.

The Stone boat

And this bridge, doesn’t it just seem straight out of those country-side scenes from the novels?  I luveeeed this part and spent a lot of time just looking @ it. It ws drizzling and there was hardly anyone there 😉 Allll soooo romantic 😛 😛

This is what Su liked best about the gardens though or so he said.. the rest houses hmmpff! He wanted to sit there and enjoy the beautiful surroundings instead of walking along the entire stretch 🙄

The gardens also houses a turtle museum which has made into the Guinness book of world records for having the largest collection of turtles and tortoises.

This is the only part probably that is so badly maintained in Singapore 😛 😛 The collection is pretty nice though.

And now, it was time to bid adieu to these gardens and head to our next destination, Singapore Botanic Gardens. The place is just tooooo gud. U should just not miss this one if u r there I tell ya. I don’t think there’s anything more to be put in words or rather I can not do any justice. We spent a lot of time here and Su experiemented a lot behind the lens. Will let the pics speak for themselves.

The best part of it is the Orchid Park[there’s a 5$ entry fee only for this part but totally worth it … don’t even hv second thoughts :)].

Some lovely mushroom

Pretty Pineapple

I liked this one 🙂

One really cool part of the Orchid Park is the ‘Cool House’ which houses Carnivorous plants. It was so nice to see the pitcher plants which I had only read about in the botany text-books and seen on TV.

Signing off 🙂 Gud whatever-time-of-the-day it is for u ppl and have a nice time 🙂