A friend of mine recently moved on from his role of a Software Engineer to that of a Teacher. He is part of a 150 member-team selected from different professional roles across the nation to mentor kids in under-resourced schools. As a part of the TeachForIndia initiative aimed @ ending educational inequity, they commit 2 yrs to teach full-time in these schools.  He is an inspiration and I respect him a lot for having taken this step. I don’t think its easy @ all. Its always great to see people who do what most of us want to do, who try to bring about the change that we talk about.

I remember reading a series of articles on rediff sometime back titled ‘Extraordinary Indians‘ It was not about people who are rich or famous or anything such but about common people whose deeds made them extra-ordinary.

Be it the auto-driver Sandeep Bacche who gives free-rides to people who are physically challenged, spares some of his earnings for an old-age home. His auto even carries important messages like ‘Do Not Spit‘, ‘All religions lead to the same goal‘ and so on.

The series also featured a doctor Ravindra Koelhe who is working towards giving quality medical attention to tribal folks in Melghat, Maharashtra. He charges just Rs.2 for the first consultation and Re.1 for subsequent ones.

Collecting unclaimed bodies from hospitals and old-age homes and performing their last rites is what this manager S Sreedhar does, according the religion of the deceased at that. He believes that its really important to give a proper fare-well to people who have passed on and does the same to people who have no one to bid them good-bye.

Here is a man who put together all his life’s savings to build a home for the children of life convicts! The sight of wailing children outside the premises of Central Jail, Bengaluru led V.Mani, who was working as an AGM with the RBI, to open SoCare Ind [Society’s Care for the Indigent] along with his wife, which is providing a home filled with love and warmth for 136 such children now.

Feeding the mentally ill people, who do not ask anyone for food or money is the best form of service feels Krishnan, a 28-yr old who used to work as a chef in a 5-star hotel. He runs the ‘Akshaya‘ trust which feeds 400 mentally ill people on the streets of Madurai thrice every day.

This also reminds me of Mala in Bengaluru, who gave home to a 24-hr old baby, which was abandoned in a stinking drain 😦  She works as a helper in a college and has no idea how she will afford her plans of good school followed by medical education for him, but believes that they have already beaten enough odds together and will get through this one too. The boy received an eye transplant and the doctors at Narayana Nethralaya conveyed how important it is to donate our eyes instead of burning/burying them and provide the gift of sight through his example.

Not to forget Ravi Gulati who gave up his high-paid management job to educate kids who could not afford the same.

God bless these people who work towards providing a blessed life to so many!