Hmmpf .. so finally, after a good 13 posts [good as in number; nt the quality 😛 .. che, but obvious no ;)] I am back with my tribute to Singapore. Remember reading the first part eh? Don’t blame me though .. I am suffering from something opposite of writerz block  😦

After spending 2 days hvng total fun in the sun @ Bintan, we dedicated the remaining time to Singapore completely.  We set off to the well-known Sentosa island the next day.  I just loved hw easy it is to get to Sentosa once u reach the nearby and easily accessible VivoCity mall and also go around Sentosa with the trams and the buses touching every point of the island almost every minute. Sentosa translates to peace and tranquility in Malay and u feel exactly that!  With the Universal Studios cmg up here, I think it will only get better 🙂

Sentosa does have many attractions [pay per attraction kind; u only need to pay a 2$ fee for getting in] and we chose to visit Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom, Underwater world, Nature Discovery Centre [A gallery of the wonders of nature – this one’s free :D]. We bought a few CDs in the Nature Shop in-house here and I loveeed the collection .. blissful! My fav is one called ‘Serenity’. Bestest treat(ment) for ur ears I tell u. Don’t miss this one if u r gng there 🙂  And ofcourse, how could we miss the Siloso beach and the awesome ‘Songs of the Sea‘ show over the same.

Click on the pics to enlarge!

We spent a lottttt of time with the butterflies …. The Lord must hv been in his best of moods when he created them .. the colours … I fall in luv with them again and again. We loved loved loved this one.  A photographer’s paradise indeed!

There’s also a nice shelter for the primitive stages of the butterfly and if u r lucky enuf, can spot one dashing out of its cosy den .. the egg!

And we met these too 😉 😉

The Underwater world ws our next stop. A place where feel like u r walking inside a biggggg aquarium with fishes of all sizes, dolphins etc… everywhere u c … above u, on ur left, on ur right!

A visual feast ws waiting for us when we came out … peafowl roaming all around the place .. they came so so close to us. Cn u spot the li’l ones in the first pic?

We also spent a lot of time just looking at the Siloso beach, soaking in the changing hues and shades with the mood of the sun, watching the kids build sand castles, lying down on the clean sand and just staring at that beautiful cover above.. bliss I tell you!  And those coconut trees all around just add to the beauty. The mind finds its heaven in the sublime nature here.

The Songs of the Sea show was one par excellence .. I will let the pictures speak. On the same note, ppl in Hyd .. u can visit the Laser show @ Lumbini Park. Its really nice and totally worth the just Rs.30/- that they charge 😉 And its all about the rich and varied cultural heritage of India which makes it all the more special 🙂

Whoa! We hd spent an entire day here and it still hd so much to offer!  Anyways, we do need something for the next visit  😛

We were waiting to board the Monorail to drop us off @ the VivoCity Mall on our way back. Su ws trying to capture a pic of our reflection in a mirror when someone came and stood behind. Su asked for excuse and gave him way saying we were just upto some crazy photography. The man said ‘No no .. no crazy … u happy … only important … ppl laugh .. say crazy … no care .. love something .. do it’. Man, what a lesson that was!  We just got talking with him. He told us he ws from Korea.  His li’l cutie-pie daughter with him. Our communication with her was limited to a smile now and then as we did not have a common language. Suddenly, in the midst of all our chatter, she asked me something which I could not understand. Her Dad told me she was asking if we had tasted a particular Korean dish . Later when we boarded the train, she held my hand and started tickling and then would have a nice laugh. She then told her Dad that aunty is very cute and she loves aunty 😛 😛  It ws so so nice … I mean, neither of us could understand what the other was saying, but we were communicating. Language is nt a barrier at all rt! I held her hand when the train took a turn and we were about to fall and she held me tight. Having had a gr8 time and learnt some valuable lessons, we bid our good-bye to Sentosa.

Just took a few pics @ VivoCity and called it a day!

There’s gng to be another post soon in this series … I promise that will be the last one 😉  Plzzz bear with me ppl 😛