One of my team-mates resigned today and I am very very happy 😛  Uhhh wait, don’t judge me by this! This ws the guy who I thought had to be conferred upon the title ‘Mr.Chauvinist’.

He once asked me ‘Tum kaisi ladki ho? Paanch-paanch ladkon ke saath ghoomti ho :P”, all bcoz I ws just hvng tea with my team 😀  And about 2 months back, when he came and told us he is getting married and the girl is from Bengaluru, I asked him whether he was planning to shift there. I think its but obvious people would do so because its comparatively easier finding a job there .. esp. in our domain! This fellow immediately blurted out as though I had committed some sin! She is marrying me and coming home yaar … mein kyun ghar chodke jau ws what he said!!  He had all insane ideas .. so much that many of us were praying for his future wife even before he hd even seen a single girl 😛 :P. She has to stay @ home, not talk to guys, she will only go out with me and all that!

And now he is off to Bengaluru. And I had this villainous smile on me .. ya ya, I am evil that way. Nt sure if anybody got that, but he did for sure …. bcoz he did look out for this feminist’s reaction 👿  Time does change and I so hope every such person learns his lesson this way 😀

Btw, did u people catch up with this news. I just don’t think anything can get worse! A husband and wife have been asked to start living as siblings just bcoz the Panchayat has realized they belong to relative gotras!!!!!!!! They have a 10-month old to top it!!!! R they insane?  Isn’t it high time we get out of this mindset?

As Swami Vivekananda put it,

Religion is the manifestation of divinity already in man.

It is supposed to get us to understand life, equality and such things and make us broad-minded. Why the hell is it all going in the opposite direction then? The complete meaning of religion has been changed. It has become synonymous with superstition.

The only thing I am glad about is that the husband is adamant he won’t go by this decision. I hope and pray they get to take a wise decision and not hamper their lives in the name of religion!