Know what? I always thought I am very very lucky .. lucky to hv gr8 parents, one cool dude as my life-partner πŸ˜› :P, a loving sister [yeah … I luvvvv to fight with her na :D], gr8 friends, job, fun .. okie … everything! But, I realized that someone beats me! Ask who .. our yet-to-be-born conceived baby ofcourse πŸ˜‰Β  Hw many ppl r bothered, worried, loving, caring abt it already πŸ™„Β  Awesome I say!

Any phone call, ping and the only qs I hv to face nw is when?Β  Aww .. hw I wish I hd an answer πŸ˜›

And the reasons I hv heard .. well, u hv turned 26 na .. hv it before u r 30 [duh??? Isn’t that like 4 yrs still? I cn hv 4 more actually πŸ˜› :P]

U hv been married for 3+ yrs nw!!!!! Oh I c, thatz the reason eh?

And the best, all ur cousins who got married after u, hv an yr old kids nw!!!!!Β  Nw tell me, ws it my mistake πŸ˜›Β  We got married in Aug.06, one of my cousins in Sept, one in Oct and 2 more in Dec … and they are all good boys and girls .. they hv 1 already and me somehw thinks there will be someee ‘Gud’ news soon again πŸ˜€

A friend pings me:

She: Hey buddy, whatz up?

Me: Roof ofcourse πŸ˜€

She: So, en plans? Magu yavaga maadkotira? [So, what plans? When will u make a baby]

Me: πŸ™„ Ya, we hv all the reactants ready, but the catalysts r required .. we still wanna be only man and wife for sometime may be πŸ˜‰

She: I think sooner the better

Me: Gud luck girl .. gimme ur gud news soon πŸ˜€

She: But I got married after u!!!!

Is there some sort of queue? Never knew abt it πŸ˜› So, anyone there who got married after me and hv a baby, did u take a shortcut?Β  Beware! Line mein kade raho!!!!!


Friend’s Mom; She hs recently got the news that she is gonna be a Dadi soon πŸ˜€

On Phone: Hello, hw r u and all that follows

Me: Congrats aunty .. gr8 news na πŸ™‚

She: Haa .. thatz what I called u for .. enuf of hvng fun u both … and then it goes on!!!!!!

Y r ppl so jealous of us :grrrrr …. arre yaar, we r nt free to hv fun too huh?


One person even told me that I should stop behaving like a man, i.e stop concentrating on my career and have a baby? Wonder how people jump to conclusions?Β  My child may become my highest priority and I may even have to quit my job then, who knows, but my career is realllllly dear to me .. arre, my first baby after all na πŸ˜›

Today, just some time back, my ex-colleague pinged me.Β  When I had joined that company as a fresher, he ws a program manager already! Nt that positions matter, what I mean is, nt the group I used to go arnd with and so nt much interaction.

He: Nice snap. Which place?

Me: Thanks … whatever πŸ™‚

Me: Congrats btw on ur daugther πŸ™‚

He: Thanks a lot .. hope 2 hear gud news from u soon πŸ˜€


My Mom is fired with qs anywhere and everywhere .. I am glad though that my parents r so cool in handling it!

Ppl: En ri? Ajji aadra? [What lady … hv u become a grandma yet?]

Mom answers.

Next qs follows: Atleast, did ur 2nd daughter get married!!!!!!

For heaven’s sake, whatz atleast! The kiddo is still 23!!!!!! Spare her wil ya?

I mean I did get married @ 23 πŸ˜› πŸ˜› But my sis is nt keen on it as of nw … to each his own rt?


Abhi tell me,Β  isn’t it 100% pakka that our baby is sooooo lucky πŸ™‚ Luv u kiddo … may u always be showered with the same love and affection.

They say, u get hiccups on and on when someone is thinking abt u rt? Wonder how much our kiddo must be experiencing it πŸ˜›

Jokes apart,Β  there’s nt been a single day we both hv felt we hv regretted our decision .. we were clear we wanted some time for us .. for just the two of us .. it may be for fun, for career, for understanding .. whatever it is! But, all I know is I hv enjoyed every single day for what it has been!Β  It will ofcourse be fun, may be even more when we are parents and our joy will be in seeing that smile on our kiddo’s face, but for now, the smile on my Man’s face makes me equally happy and am more than sure its the same with him. We loveeee to have our baby and wil definitely have it .. not because I am getting older, not bcoz we r married for n yrs and definitely not bcoz my cousins have them .. but because, we want one …. and the moment we feel that from within, we will go for it πŸ™‚ Well, letz just say this space will definitely have the updates when it happens πŸ˜€