It happened when I ws in 12th … ws on my way back home when I met this woman who asked me for Rs.10 to get home as she had lost her purse. I did that!  But, what happened the next day opened my eyes …. same place, same woman, same request! When I asked her if history repeats itself for her, she ran away! This is a common scenario isn’t it? I hv encountered many such ppl thereafter!

The current trend is where an entire family comes to you and pretend they are new to the place, ask u if you understand some language which is not native to that place .. once u say yes, u r in for the ride .. they explain hw they lost their way, hw the others from their group are not to be seen and so on.  Then comes the obvious demand for some money!

Such things are most common nowadays. One of my friends lost her mobile when someone asked her for her cell-phone to make an emergency call and then took to her toes in a flash.  U also have people coming to u with medical reports and trying to melt ur hearts!

I have had so many such experiences that I hv stopped entertaining any of them .. I move away as soon as I smell any such thing. But then, a question arises in my mind?  A sense of guilt does overpower me sometimes. What if some of them were genuine? But, what filtering mechanism do I apply? It ws easy to generalize things and ignore all! How do I make sure that I do lend a helping hand to somebody in need though?

If I try to put myself in their place and imagine the situation when I would need some money or a phone to make a call, may be people would get me wrong too! And believe me, its not @ in the way u dress/look/pretend! Most of these ppl can match u in any of these .. u just can’t make out by seeing them that they may cheat you! So, I may be ignored too some day rt?

An aunt we know lost the only bag that she was carrying on her journey from Delhi to Bengaluru recently … being the only storage she had, it had her tickets and money too with everything else. It was too late when she realized the same and had no idea how it was taken away from right under her nose. The TT was there and she was in for trouble. She immediately appealed to the co-passengers and help poured in from all corners. They not only got her the ticket and shared a berth but also catered to all her needs the following 2 days.  It seems one of them even got down @ some station and got a tooth brush for her.  She is bk home,worried about the missing piece, roaming around to get updates about the same but happy @ having found so many friends for life.

This made me ponder about it again .. what if no one came to help her too? It was not difficult to back-off considering the large number of such cases we see around nowadays?

I am clueless .. no answers whatsoever … any of u have faced such situations in life? What would you have done? Is there any rule you apply to filter people 😛 😛